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Can a mattress cause knee pain?

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Years ago, I started having knee pain, bad knee pain. I was being treated for
that part that wears away and its bone grinding bone.... It never got to that yet. Although my knee popped.
My husband invested almost $1,000 in a mattress and box springs. Because I'm heavy the mattress sank on each side I laid on. The name was Restonic.

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Can pleurisy cause knee pain?

 Pleurisy portrays the midsection torment  syndrome described by a sharp midsection torment that exacerbates  with relaxing.   Pleurisy is brought on by aggravation of

Can a jolt to the foot cause knee pain?

yes is can u might die so iwould die even if ure hairy it still wont help so go die because urre gunna die because a dieing pain in the pain area

What is the cause of pain in the knee joints?

Arthritis pain can be the result of several things. for example Inflammation in and around the joints can be excruciating one day and gone the next especially if you treat it

What is pain in the knee caused by?

Knee Pain can be caused by a number of things. It depends whether the pain came on gradually or suddenly. If it came on gradually, it could be 1) Runners Knee (patellofemora

Can a bad hip cause knee pains?

  Answer   Often the knee joints can be affected by the change in gait that walking with a bad hip brings. The stress is differently applied to the knees than in norm

What causes knees to crackle without pain?

Probably the release of gas from the synovial fluid that lubricates it. this can be an indicator that something is getting too loose in there and lead to arthritis. it would b

Can herpes cause knee pain?

No herpes doesn't cause knee pain, it can cause muscle soreness in the legs but not in the knees.

What causes child knee pain?

A child may have knee pain from hyper-flexive joints (double jointed). The knees don't lock in place and hyper-extend, especially when the childs lays on their back. Putting a

What could cause knee pain?

There are litterally thousands of possible causes. these could be being overweight and so putting added pressure in the knee, cartilidge sprain/damage, ligament sprain/fractur

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain is a symptom of many different diseases and conditions. Short-term knee pain may be the result of excess stress on the knee. Possible causes of knee pain include:Art

What could be causing your knee pain?

It depends whether the pain came on gradually or suddenly. If it came on gradually, it could be 1) Runners Knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) 2) Chondromalacia Patella - thin
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Can Crestor cause knee pain?

Yes I believe so,mine is slowing me down,never had it before prescription started a few months ago,both knees in same place,bad at night after pills too,cant sleep
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What causes joint knee pain on inside of knee?

Pain on the inner side (medial) of the knee is most commonly caused by 1) MCL Tear: tear in the medial collateral ligament when the knee is twisted 2) Medial Cartilage tear: