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Can a mentally challenged 13 year old watch other children?

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Can your 13 year old watch your 9 year old?

In Canada I don't think that there is really a legal age to babysit. It is up to the parents. I know many 13 year old people that babysit 9 year old children and it has turned

Can a 13 year old watch a 5 year old?

if you mean babysitting, yes! most girls are responsible enough to babysit 1-3 kids when they are 12. i know of a 12year old and a 14 year old that co-babysit for 6 children a

Can a 13 years old watch Piranha in 3D?

I would have to say no i'm am 14 and i just watched it and it was like a horror,fish,fail porn movie. i find it that it was also very gory and silly. if i was 13, i would ju

Are 13 year olds considered children?

Yes. Or at least in the eyes of the law of most countries. That is not to say that many young people age 13 are not mature but they are not allowed to do certain things.

Can your 13 year old watch predators?

yeah its not that bad. there is bad language but the violence isn't that bad and most of the time its not that realistic. there is only a few scenes that are actually gory but

What scary movie should 13 year old watch?

Which ever scary movie the 13 year old and their parents think the13 year old is capable of handling.
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Can a 12 year old watch other children alone in a home?

It depends on a few things. First of all it depends on where you live because in some places it would be illegal. If thats not the case then it also depends on the 12 year old
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Can 13 year old children go on their own into the new Alexandra theatre to watch a show?

Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham generally prefer children under 14 to have an adult with them. This could be different depending on some circumstances, your best bet is to as