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Can a military person with a general discharge under honorable conditions receive unemployment insurance in Georgia?

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How hard is it to upgrade a general discharge under honorable conditions to an honorable discharge from the military?

Most discharges can be upgraded depending on the veterans conducts.99% of the time when a veteran gets a General Under Honorable its considered good enough for the the revue b

Is there a military discharge as general -other than honorable conditions?

There are actually seven different types of discharge characterization: Uncharacterized - For entry level separations where the member has served less than 180 days when no

How bad is a general discharge under honorable conditions?

it is not bad it simply mean you were unable to perform for some personal reason you do not have to disclose most times after six months it turns into an honorable if you dont

How Long Does it take for a general under honorable condition to upgrade to a honorable discharge?

It doesn't. The only way for a General (under honorable conditions) discharge to be upgraded is to go before the Board of appeals. Even then, your chances of getting an upg

What is a general under honorable discharge?

usually a person not suitable for military service or unable to maintain an acceptable level of military adherence.............. A General (Under Honorable Conditions) charac

Can you receive unemployment benefits with a general discharge from the military?

Yes. When you go to the unemployment office, tell them you are a vet - there should be a special veterans unemployment specialist in the office to help you.

Can you join the army with a general under honorable conditions discharge?

Yes, typically after a three year waiting period. Look at your DD214 for the R-Code. The above answer is not entirely correct. Yes, you may be able to join. However, it will

Do you get gi bill with a general discharge under honorable conditions?

No. You are not eligible for the GI bill or post 9/11 GI bill with anything other than honorable. You can however exercise this benefit if you have served a previous term of e

Is a man considered a veteran if he has a general under honorable conditions discharge?

Definition of a "veteran" Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 32, §1, and c. 4, § 7, cl.43, you qualify as a veteran if you meet ONE of the following three requirements : 1) You