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Can a mother revoke parental rights of a father who is incarcerated for murder AND sentenceD TO 50 years IN tx?

Probably not. You will also discover that some states, I believe TX is one, that will force you to take the child to visitation to the dad while in prison. You have to show (MORE)
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How can I get the parental rights of my son's father revoked?

Answer . You have to have documentation for this reasoning and go to either the attorney you used and they will file a motion to appear before a judge again or go to the c (MORE)

What rights as a teenage father do i have if the parents of the mom say im not allowed to see my baby.?

It's not the grandparents that decide if you can see you child or not. They can only decide over their own child. You have at least visitation right. If they do not allow it i (MORE)
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Can a noncustodial parents rights be revoked for failure to show up for court ordered supervised visitation mom has only seen them 5 times in 2yrs grandma is supervisor for visits?

What kind of rights? Visitation rights? Parental rights? That depends on state law where the child legally resides (or country if outside the USA). Laws vary widely on w (MORE)