Can a new crown tooth that hits against another tooth cause you to need a root canal?

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No. But a tooth that needed a crown probably had a lot of decay. Sometimes it's very close to the nerve and doesn't heal itself and ends up needing a root canal. This is by no fault, just the way the tooth reacted.  
Your teeth shouldn't be hitting each other in a bothersome fashion. If they are, the bite needs to be adjusted by the dentist polishing down the areas that are too "high." This is a very simple short procedure.
An improper bite can cause pain that might be mistaken for the pain of a nerve dying in a tooth. I don't know if it can cause actual damage.
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Could a crowned tooth that never had a root canal but is sensitive to touch and pressure from chewing and has no visible signs of infection need a root canal?

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Wait until you are totally off pain killers and antibiotics to make sure there is no pain/discomfort. Dont hurry anything, my dentist did and I had to redo the root canal and

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What happens if you don't get a crown on a front tooth root canal?

I had a root canal done on a front tooth about 8 years ago. I never had a crown put on and it is fine. I buy the whitning gel off of ebay with the trays. Very reasonable price