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Did any newspaper in 1948 have the headline 'Dewey Wins'?

No, but there was a headline that read: Dewey Defeats Truman, in the Chicago Tribune. There are links below. The story goes that the election results were slow coming in, and the editors wanted to go home, so they decided to approve the headline before the results were in. Part of the reason th (MORE)

How do you submit funny photos or newspaper headlines to the Headlines segment of The Tonight Show?

Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show on February 17th, 2014.Since his show premiered, he hasn't continued the funny photos ornewspaper headlines segment that was previously seen on Jay Leno'srun. In the past, you were able to send material to: "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" ATTN: Headlines 30 (MORE)

What were the newspaper headlines throughout 1938 and 1939?

Some major events include: - German troops invade Austria - Howard Hughes sets new "Around the World" record - Kristallnacht in Germany - DDT discovered as insecticide - Germany invades Poland, 1939, regarded as the start of World War II

What were the newspaper headlines in 1996?

none ecept Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half . There are different headline for different places you would need to state the place before an answer could be given

What is headline?

A headline is a major point or priority of a new story. It is astandout point of the details of what has occurred.

What is the headline of a newspaper?

The 'headline' on a newspaper is usually on the front cover. In big letters, it may take up a whole half of the page or even more. Imagine this little drawing as a newspaper. You pick it up, it reads: ___________________ |-Celebrity name here- | |CAUGHT | |DRINK-DRIVING! (p3) | ||--------- (MORE)

What are some sports headlines from a newspaper in Mexico city?

(July 20, 2013): . First sky-bluevictory (regarding a local team, Cruz Azul, during the MexicanSoccer League semi-finals) . Yankees tiesseries . Abel Medozasecures medal for Mexico (during the Tae Kwon Do worldchampionship, held in the city of Puebla, Mexico)

What part of a newspaper story answers questions for the reader?

The fisrt thing that should be addressed in an article is the questions people may have. The standard form of journailistic writing is that the lead (first sentence or paragraph) should conatin the most imporatant information, like who, what, when, where, why and how. Then the rest of the article ju (MORE)

What is headline of newspaper?

the headline of a newspaper i think is a major subject or topic sentence which is introduced and deliberated upon in details

How did the newsies headlines help sell newspapers?

Sometimes the papers had crappy headlines. For example one mightsay "Trolley Strike Drags On". No one wants to pay for a paper thatisn't interesting. So the newsies would come up with a headline byfinding stories throughout the other pages. So on page 9, theremight be a quick story about a trash can (MORE)

What is purpose of headline in newspaper?

To catch the eye and make some one want to read the entire story. The original intent was (and still is) to lure of a passer by at the news stand into buying the newspaper. This leads to some sensational headlines to what might be a mundane story. This is still used in all forms of media. TV news (MORE)

Do you need permission to use a newspaper headline in a book?

Simply quoting such a limited portion of a work in a book rarely requires permission; complete and accurate citation is expected, particularly in scholarly works. Showing an image of the headline may be a different issue, because of other things that may appear with it--the paper's trademarked (MORE)

What can be found on newspaper headlines?

Newspaper headlines usually try to attract the reader's attention. They are short, catchy, and briefly summarize the article. They can often be sensationalized, rather than being a good summary, so that the reader is more interested.

What were the Star Telegram newspaper headline in 1959?

I assume you are asking about the Fort Worth (Texas) Star Telegram.But this question is difficult to answer without more information,because in 1959, as in most years, the newspaper published everyday and each edition had about 20-30 pages, with hundreds ofheadlines. If you provide us with more spec (MORE)

Could you please find the mistakes in this newspaper headlines?

No, because you did not provide the headline you were asking about.But it should be noted that headlines are written in a specialabbreviated style of the English language which may omit articlesor even verbs. For example: "Hostages freed." In a normal sentence,it would probably say "The hostages hav (MORE)

Why is the headline of newspaper is important?

The headline the hook of a story. That is, it's what catches yourattention and gets you interested in the story. When you read astory in the newspaper, the headline is the first thing you see.

What are headlines in the newspaper?

The purpose of a headline is to attract your attention to a story. Headlines give you a quick, basic idea of the topic of the story, but to find out more, you have to read the story itself. Headlines tend to be very short, perhaps a few words, in big, bold type-face. They are also in their own sp (MORE)