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Can a non-citizen or non-citizen spouse who never resided in the United States or paid into Social Security collect Social Security benefits?

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No. You need to be a citizen and also have a work history of paying into Social Security.
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Can you collect unemployment and Social Security benefits at the same time?

Yes, you can receive Social Security Disability (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or Social Security retirement benefits and unemployment compensation if you can mee

Do Social Security benefits change from state to state?

No. Social Security is a federal benefit that varies primarily according to the amount you paid in FICA taxes, the number of years worked, and your age at retirement. The bene

When are Social Security benefits paid?

If you're talking about retirement benefits, you should receive your first check or deposit in the month following your first month of eligibility; benefits are always paid in

Can you collect social security benefits while on private disability?

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Why do Social Security insurance benefits vary from state to state?

They don't. Regular Social Security retirement and disability benefits are the same in all 50 states. Social Security is a federal program that pays differing amounts of cash

Can you draw Social Security benefits from your living spouse?

Yes, under certain circumstances. If you are at least 62 years old, you can draw spousal benefits of up to 50% of your qualifying living spouse's monthly entitlement, but your

Can you collect both unemployment benefits and Social Security in Louisiana?

I believe this answer is slightly incorrect -- "Yes, you can. Under "Non monetary Issues" > "Disqualifications" item (f) on page 5 of the Related Link below, Social Security b

Can a surviving spouse receive social security benefits?

Generally yes, assuming you were legally married and didn't do them in. The surviving spouse can collect when they reach 62. If a surviving spouse is caring for a child who is