Can you get arrested for doing a stop payment on a post dated check for a payday loan company?

Answer 1 No but they'll turn it over to collection and sock you with a HUGH collection fee. And of course you'll never be able to use their services (or any other payday loan (MORE)

What is the impact in the US if you are arrested for non payment of cash payday loans?

The non payment of any debt is not a criminal offense unless the goods, services, cash was obtained through fraudulent means.. If a debt collector or creditor tells you you w (MORE)
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Can payday loan company sue?

Yes, however, the company is not likely to do so. Payday loans are generally less than $2,000 so most payday lenders will not go to the trouble to sue someone. However, what (MORE)
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Can you be arrested for non payment of payday loan?

No. It is a common tactic amongst unscrupulous payday lenders to make threats that they cannot enforce, and in fact, it is illegal for them to make such threats. They are well (MORE)

Can payday loan take you to court for non payment in Texas?

Yes they can and will. They are a classic predatory loan company that will do everything in their power to get the money that you rightfully owe them. The cost of taking you t (MORE)
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Can a payday loan garnish your social security disability for non payment of the loan?

No, if the lender doesn't receive collateral from you - their only recourse to recover the debt is small claims court. If they do open a claim against you in small claims cour (MORE)
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Can payday loan companies garnish wages in Arizona?

They can only garnish your wages if they took you to court and a judge ordered the garnishment via a judgement. The lender first off must be licensed to be able to take action (MORE)