Can a payday loan garnish your social security disability for non payment of the loan?

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No, if the lender doesn't receive collateral from you - their only recourse to recover the debt is small claims court. If they do open a claim against you in small claims court and win, the judge could issue a writ of garnishment for a percentage of your social security disability payments - however that is incredibly unlikely.

Unless you also have a "day job" source of income, you are not the ideal customer for a payday loan lender - keep that in mind when seeking them.
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Can Social Security Disability be garnished for unpaid student loans?

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Is it legal for your social security disability to inform you that your income is being garnished by a school loan?

Yes, if your student loans were Federally Guaranteed, like Stafford, Plus, or Perkins, then the collection agency is permitted to garnish any wages or Social Security income.

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No, Section 207 of the Social Security Act prohibits regular creditors from garnishing or levy an individual's Social Security. The only way your Social Security can be garnis