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Private Disability Insurance Private disability insurance includes sickness and accident payments, long-term disability, and short-term disability. This insurance is usually part of a benefits package at work. If you are currently receiving sickness and accident payments, you are still eligible for Pennsylvania work comp payments. Keep in mind:
  • If your employer pays the premium on your private disability insurance, the amount of your work comp payment will be reduced by the amount of your private disability payment.
  • If you pay the premium for your private disability insurance, your work comp payment will not be reduced.
Unemployment Compensation A person who applies for unemployment compensation must:
  • be unemployed through no fault of their own (ex. Didn't quit their job)
  • be able to work
  • be available to work
  • register at a Job Service Office
  • have worked a minimum number of weeks during the year
  • have earned a minimum amount in wages during the year
Whether or not a person continues to receive unemployment compensation is determined each week. If you are already receiving PA workers comp payments, there is really never any reason to receive unemployment compensation. Your work comp payment will be reduced based on your gross unemployment compensation payment. Example: If you are receiving $400 per week in workers compensation payments and you apply for $400 per week in unemployment, your workers compensation will drop to $0. In addition, the $400 in unemployment compensation will be taxable while the workers compensation payment was not taxable. Unemployment compensation may be an option if the amount of your unemployment benefits after taxes exceeds the amount of your work comp payment. This could possibly happen if you were injured after a short time on a low-paying job but had previously worked for a longer period at a higher paying job. Also, if your Pennsylvania work comp payments are being disputed (such that you are not currently receiving work comp payments), it makes sense to collect unemployment for something to live on during the dispute. Once you begin to receive work comp, any past due work comp payments will be reduced by the amount of unemployment payments you received during that time period
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