Can a person fall you love with someone they have never met?

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absolutly. though it might not always work out
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Can you fall in love with a person you never met in person but talked to on the phone?

Well... that's kind of a toughy. In my opinion, yes and no. . Yes, you can fall in love with a person you've met in personbut talked to on the phone because just hearing th

Can you be in love with someone you have never met?

Love is a powerful thing. In my opinion, if you spend enough time talking to that person and learning who they are. You can fall in love. Love isn't all about looks and ph

Is it wrong to fall for a person you never met?

No, it's not wrong. Love is right when you are able to share with that person deeply and honestly and the love is returned at the same level. If you fall for someone who does

Can you love someone you have never met?

that isn't true at all. it is 100% possible to fall in love with someone who you have never met. as i already am. if you feel like your in love with someone you know or have n

Is it possible to love someone you have never met?

Yes, it is definitely possible. If you communicate with them forenough time, like online, you might know enough about his/herpersonality to like/love them. It happened to me a

Is is possobe to fall for someone that you never met?

Possible* sorry xD Saying that, you can kind of fall for someone it all depends if you believe in love at first sight :S? Personally you may see someone and just like their
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Can you love someone even if you have never met them?

I believe you can. I am in love with a guy who catches my bus. I see him every week, and he happens to be my friends' friend. We ask her about each other, and although we have

When someone says they love you and never met you?

It shows that possibly he could be a lair. If he just meet you for the first time i do not think it if possible. As for me do not believe that there is love at first sight.If