Can a pregnant woman marry an illegal alien?

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Can you be charged for marrying an illegal alien?

If you marry someone from another country, they are no longer illegal, but a resident alien. The above response does not answer the question. If you marry an illegal person

How do you marry a female if she is an illegal alien?

Generally, there is no citizenship requirement for marriage. The woman may present a foreign passport and you can present your U.S. passport when applying for a marriage licen

What do you need to do to marry an illegal alien?

Both parties must appear in person before a town/city/county clerk, present acceptable identification, pay the applicable fee and meet the requirements for marriage (age, cons

What if you get pregnant by an illegal alien?

Your child has the same citizenship as you.. ANSWER: . It is doubtful you would get pregnant from an alien, legal or illegal. Aliens are from outer space and have different

Can i marry an illegal alien at 18?

Yes. There is generally no citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States. So, if you can marry at the age of 18 in your state, then it doesn't matter if the person

Can they deport an illegal alien who is pregnant?

\nYes. Pregnancy is not grounds for preventing deportation of illegals.\n. \n. \n--\n. \nHelp me in the battle to conquer cancer. Please support my fundraising efforts at

How do you marry an illegal alien in Alabama?

When you marry an illegal alien in Alabama, you give up your US citizenship and become a citizen of your new spouse's country. Correction: It is not possible for a citize

If you marry an illegal alien is it legal?

MAYBE. I say maybe because to gain a 'green card' the illegal MUST leave the country after the marriage and attend an interview at a local US embassy in their home country. Be

Is it illegal to be married to a illegal alien?

No. It is illegal for an alien without legal status to be physically present in the United States. Although there is an old federal law the makes it a crime to aid and abet an