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Can a retirement pension in Florida be garnished?

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A garnishee can be placed on any income Except That the garnishee can not lower the persons income below a certain point.
The myth of you can't garnishee pensions comes from the fact that many retirees are below that level already.

 Head of Household wages, Pension, Life Insurance, Annuity (some) IRA, Disability are protected from most attachments...
Except from things like taxes & child support.    The original question is too vague to know why the posted asked about garnishment. See section 222.11 of the Florida statutes.
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Can retirement in Alabama be garnished?

Retirement and pensions cannot be garnished in the state of  Alabama. Alabama also limits the amount that can be garnished from  wages.

Can disability from a pension plan be garnished?

Generally now with a few exceptions, depending on where you live. Here is the pecking order for garnishments: 1) Taxes 2) Criminal Fines (Usually related to restitution

Can credit card companies in the state of Florida garnish your pension and social security that are automatically deposited into a bank account if there is no other income?

  Answer     No, pensions and SS benefits are exempt from creditor garnishment. It is important that benefits are not commingled with any other funds. This needs

Can retirement income be garnished by creditors?

Yes, that is true but the bank can go to court and get a judgment against you then call the county sheriff to go to your house and seize your personal assets from your house t

Can my pension be garnished if I cannot pay my creditors?

Generally, no; but pension payments should be kept separate from other monies. Government provided benefits are protected from garnishment. Private pensions are also protect

Can a debt collector garnish your pension?

Pensions can be garnished. They are considered taxable income. It is possible, however, that the amount of your pension doesn't allow for garnishment. There is a minimum incom

Can pensions be garnished by creditors?

Generally, no, but pension payments should be kept separate from other monies. Government provided benefits are protected from garnishment. Private pensions are also protected

Can retirement benefits be garnished?

  It depends upon the laws of the state where the debtor resides and the type of retirement benefits. All SS benefits are exempt from creditor garnishment as are all pub

Can the government garnish your old age pension?

    In Canada the answer is "yes". Not only for child support but also for (so-called) 'spousal maintenance' also know as 'alimony.

Can IRS garnish pension and Social Security?

Yes, pension and Social Security payments may be garnished by the IRS to satisfy Federal tax levies and judgments.   Please see the links below for additional information.

Can a judgment garnish pension benefits?

  Answer   It's my general understanding that in the US no debts except public taxes can be collected against the proceeds of a pension account. The Brown and Goldma

Can military retirement pay be garnished?

Can my military retirement be garnished by a non-government agency? Can my military retirement be garnished? military retirement pay can be garnished through the governmen