Can a saliva test confirm pregnancy?

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It is possible that saliva can show evidence of pregnancy, but the results would not be %100 accurate. When your saliva is viewed through a microscope it shows crystallized "ferning" patterns when your body releases estrogen (during ovulation and right before your period). Your saliva then returns to "normal" once these stages have passed. (Normal saliva shows up as spotted clear liquid when seen through a microscope.) If your saliva continues to show a ferning pattern it may be a sign of pregnancy due to your body releasing more hormones to support the pregnancy. But not all women show this ferning pattern and not all saliva tests can be considered accurate due to the fact that eating or drinking anything prior to the test can contaminate the samples. (These tests should be done first thing in the AM before brushing teeth, drinking, smoking, etc.) Also, as your body prepares for pregnancy it releases hormones at different times so ferning may not show up every day.

So in short, yes it is possible that your saliva can show that you are pregnant, but saliva ferning test results can be too unreliable to know for sure. A blood test should be done by your doctor before you can really be certain of pregnancy.
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What is the accuracy of saliva alcohol tests?

Properly conducted, alcohol saliva tests are bout 95 percentaccurate. However, alcohol only remains notable for 12 hours andresults can be altered with good brushing and flossing.

How do you pass a saliva drug test?

Rinse your mouth in hydrogen peroxide. I bought a couple of saliva tests online and this technique worked. The only thing I don't know is how long that "rinse" would work for. I took the test about five minutes after I rinsed. I know you have to rinse before you get there and may not be given the te (MORE)

What to do to get clean for a saliva drug test?

Info on passing a saliva drug test . There are products in the marketplace specifically designed to pass a saliva drug test. These are commonly referred to as 'saliva solutions'. When selecting such a product make sure you choose a reputable company. Some things to look for are:. Do they offer a (MORE)

Saliva test for alcohol?

There is no such thing. They will either sample your breath or your blood.. By the time it is processed into your body it leaves no trace in your saliva, except what minor residual effect may linger inside your mouth as your drank it.

I have taken 6 home pregnancy tests that wrer positive but a test to confirm at your doctors was negative What is most likely to be right?

i would say weigh it up 6 positive and 1 negative. its very hard to get a false positive but really easy to get a false negative. it could be that your doctor has made a mistake or the hormone detection level in the hpt's (home pregnancy tests) is lower than the one your doctor used. it might be wor (MORE)

Correct time to confirm the pregnancy?

There is no hard an fast rule because we are all different and it may be slightly different each month. Assuming that ovulation took place on the 14th day after the start of your period, then 2 or 3 days later fertilization should take place. The fertilized egg then takes 8-9 days traveling down to (MORE)

What is a way to pass a sAliva TEST?

These tests are are able to detect use within the past few days. Also.... Substance detection period by Saliva test : Alcohol- Unknown Barbiturates -Unknown Benzodiazepines -Unknown (MORE)

Excessive saliva during pregnancy?

"Some women feel as though they're salivating more than usual during pregnancy, especially when they're nauseated . A few women have so much saliva they end up needing to spit to deal with it. Excessive salivation is called ptyalism or sialorrhea and is more common among women suffering from hyper (MORE)

If you had a miscarriage could you take a home pregnancy test to confirm it?

Yes. After you have miscarriage, your hCG levels will begin to drop dramatically. Depending upon how far along you were, will depend upon when a home pregnancy test will no longer detect your hCG levels and show positive for pregnancy. Eventually though after your hCG levels have dropped enough, a p (MORE)

You had a confirmed miscarriage 6 weeks ago yet today ive had a positive pregnancy test - can this be right?

Yes, the harmones remain in your body for as long as 2 months depending on how far along you were in your pregnancy. The HPT will show positive if your HCG levels are 25 or above. So it is normal :-) If u r concerned though, u should check with your doc and he will send you for some blood tests to c (MORE)

Tips to passing a saliva test?

This is a tough one, Take a drink of water and hold it under your tongue if can right before the test, then just soak up the water, then hold it in your mouth so it touches the least ammount of saliva until you are asked for it back.

How accurate are saliva drug test?

Not very accurite at all! my drug councelor...of all people...told me that if u rinse with mouthwash or alcohol of any kind before a swab test it will come back negative!

What do they test for in a saliva drug test?

Sorry to give you one of those DUH answers but they test for drug metabolites. They can test you for any and all drugs that could possibly be in your saliva, prescription or otherwise. Federal government guidelines (by SAMHSA-the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) require (MORE)

Is it ok to bleedingafter pregnancy confirmed?

It is never okay to bleed during pregnancy. Some women do have bleeding, and go on to have normal pregnancies. However, you should call your doctor immediately when you have bleeding during pregnancy. I hope the best for you. Good Luck!

The first day of your last period was oct 16th 2009 when would a home pregnancy test confirm pregnancy?

Depending on the length of your cycle (today is CD28 for you) you may get a positive result now. If your cycles are normally longer, like 30+ days, then you may have to wait another day or two to get a positive result if you are indeed pregnant. Most sensitive pregnancy tests you buy in the stores (MORE)

How is saliva sample testing done?

the saliva sample test works by using a plastic stick with a pad on the end to swab or rub against the patient's gums to gather saliva. Other tests work by simply inserting a foam pad on a stick into the person's mouth

How can you confirm a pregnancy?

See a doctor. Typically through a pregnancy test if you take it under good circumstances (morning urine, don't dilute your urine through drinking a bunch of water first, no more than 1-2 days before your missed period) or you can go see your OB/GYN for blood tests and urine tests. Ultimately, pregna (MORE)

How do you confirm an early pregnancy?

After taking a pregnancy test and finding out that you are pregnant, you must make an appointment to see your doctor to 'confirm' the pregnancy and book further appointments etc.

How do you confirm guinea pig pregnancy?

you can confirm that the guinea pig is pregnate by after four to five weeks she will become more plump and more rounder aroun the belly area,she will get heavier, and if you put her on your lap you can feel the babies moving around in her i know this because my mom is a vet

Do you have more saliva on pregnancy?

I'm sorry to learn that you may be experiencing discomfort from excess salivation during your pregnancy. Indeed, salivation can often increase during pregnancy, particularly from the second trimester onwards. This symptom is more often a secondary or tertiary response to your pregnancy rather than a (MORE)

How accurate is saliva THC testing?

Depends on the user, how much of a smoker u are. That being said if u don't use THC three days before the test u can pass it. If u dont have that much time use some mouthwash or stick a penny under u tongue before the test. To answer original question though it's very accurate if u have smoke or use (MORE)

How to detox saliva in an hour for a saliva test?

First, I'm positive that you cannot detox your saliva. Period. However, I'm aware of the endless advertisements for mouthwashes and other bullhonky that are "guaranteed" to detox your spit so you pass the test. PLEASE! DO NOT TRUST PROMISES MADE BY BOXES. I have personally found only one system cl (MORE)