Can a satisfied judgment be taken off of your credit report?

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A satisfied judgment can be taken off your credit, if it is inaccurate. If the judgment is yours, it will remain for the full reporting period allowed by law.
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  • I have a satisfied judgment on my credit report. We satisfied this judgment 5 years ago. However, the plaintiff the judgment was awarded to, never bothered to give the court an order to mark the judgment satisfied. And I didn't know at the time that I could do it myself. I went down to the court Friday and gave them a 'request to vacate judgment' form. I have to wait a week to see if they will do it. If they don't, I'm taking the plaintiff in this judgment to court. I'm going to sue him for the amount of the satisfied judgment times the 5 years it's been reported to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus are worthless and they are no help at all. They don't investigate anything. I found a lot of interesting websites with lots of info on how to fix errors on your credit report. If you want more info, email me and I'll send you a list of the URLs I found.
  • The previous answer was a bit scary. Credit reporting is not the responsibility of the judgment plaintiff, nor the courts, nor the bureaus themselves. If a consumer is sued over financial matters that typically show on a credit report (judgments, tax liens, foreclosures and bankruptcies) those actions need their proper disposition. Obtaining that disposition is not anyone else's responsibility. It is up to the defendant to find out what steps to take to clear their credit. A lawsuit for failing to do so would most likely be unsuccessful.
  • The lawsuit that he is speaking of is true and is valid, when and only after you have requested in writing, from the person who has put the Judgement on you, the filing of a satisfaction of Judgement, if they do not file within 14 day of receiving the written request then you can sue for the amount of the Judgement Plus 50 dollars according to California state law Code of Civil Procedure section 116.850. (116.850. (a) If full payment of the judgment is made to the judgment creditor or to the judgment creditor's assignee of record, then immediately upon receipt of payment, the judgment creditor or assignee shall file with the clerk of the court an acknowledgment of satisfaction of the judgment. (b) Any judgment creditor or assignee of record who, after receiving full payment of the judgment and written demand by the judgment debtor, fails without good cause to execute and file an acknowledgment of satisfaction of the judgment with the clerk of the court in which the judgment is entered within 14 days after receiving the request, is liable to the judgment debtor or the judgment debtor's grantees or heirs for all damages sustained by reason of the failure and, in addition, the sum of fifty dollars ($50).)
  • Regarding the above note: Successfully petitioning for a Motion to Satisfy Judgement does nothing more than show that the judgment was satisfied within the negative entry in your credit report. It will remain in your Credit Report (showing satisfied) for 7 years as allowed by law. Now, if someone knows in DETAIL (please be specific with your answer along with Links if referenced) how to truly remove a satisfied/paid judgment within the 7 years then please let us all know.

It should be removed automatically after seven years, but even a judgment that's satisfied can't be removed before then. Your credit history - the good and bad - is reported for a period of seven years.
I went through the same situation with a satisfied judgment that wasnt updated by the plaintiff. However, I found the credit bureaus helpful b/c I was able to go online and dispute it through along with other stuff I know I paid. They updated it within a week and I had about 5 accounts updated (even some I know I still owed) I pays to stay on top of your credit, some companies may change names, lenders, go out of business (you never know) So, my advice is to dispute it on your credit report. Anyway, Good Luck with your lawsuit.
I agree with the above. I recently disputed a judgment that was satisfied but it wasn't being reported that way and they just deleted it.

A satisfied judgment should stay on your credit report for 7 years from the last activity. It can only be removed by the court that placed in on your credit report or by the credit bureau reporting it. You can request to both to verify the account is yours and if they judgment is not verified it can be removed.

A satisfied judgment does not have to stay on for 7 years at all. This is a myth. You must understand the law. It states that derogatory entries can stay on your report for 7 years, not mandatory that it will. The key is can stay on!! That part of the FCRA is in place for people who do not check there credit regularly. So it gives a limit to the holder of the debt or plaintiff to pursue resolution to get debt paid!!! To get removed all you have to do is get notice from original plaintiff that through the courts the debt has been paid. They will acknowledge this and get you a statement letter of satisfaction. Take that letter to the court that rendered the Judgement and they will update. The next step is in writing contact the Credit Bureaus and show cause for a dispute! The cause will be that per the original plaintiff the derogatory entry should be moved. They will have to investigate this for you and when they call the original plaintiff they will not respond and the Bureau will remove within 31 days. I have helped people get over 20 judgments removed this way!
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