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No. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age, possibly birth, and cannot be changed. No credible study has ever shown it's possible change sexual orientation.
No. Homosexuality is a biological phenomenon, like being left-handed. People do discover that they're homosexual later in life, though, usually at puberty.
No, you cannot turn gay. You are either born gay or you are not.
Sexual orientation is unchangeable.
No, you cannot turn gay. You are either born gay or you are not.
Sexual orientation is unchangeable.
People don't turn gay. Sexual orientation is fixed at a very young age, possibly at birth.

You can't "turn" gay; you are born with a specific orientation that cannot be altered what-so-ever. Basically, your gay, or your not. Also, any attempts made to alter sexual orientation have not only never worked, but do an extremely large amount of mental/emotional damage to the person.
Nobody can turn gay. Sexual orientation is something you're born with, and it is natural and unchangeable.
Nobody can turn gay. It's simply not possible to change sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age, possibly at birth.
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Can a person change from gay to straight?

Answer No. God created homosexuals the way they are. Answer There are organizations that claim they can turn gays and lesbians into heterosexuals. By and large, however, the people they "turn" are those who have internalized the idea it's a bad, terrible thing to be gay and who really would do a (MORE)

Can a gay person become straight?

Edited compilation of previous contributions: There are several opinions related to the answer of this question. Some believe that sexual preference is a matter of genetic predisposition. Some believe it is a matter of environmental conditions (how one was raised or personal life experiences). (MORE)

Gay to straight?

Cultural oppression of homosexuals and superstition about homosexuality can cause shame and low self-esteem among gay and lesbian people. Extremist religious dogma and/or psychological instability motivates some people to try to become heterosexual through various "therapies," including behavioral m (MORE)

Gay telling a straight person they attracted to them?

You may lose the relationship, assuming there is one but something like, If you ever want to explore the possibilities, I'm available. It's too bad you're not gay, I could get interested in you. You can say it in a lighthearted way that keeps it from being threatening. Nothing will make a straight p (MORE)

Can gay men become straight?

No. gay men cannot become straight, just as straight men cannotbecome gay. Gay men can choose to be celibate. They can even convincethemselves that they aren't gay and get married, but they are stillgay.

How do you know if a person that is straight likes a gay person or a gay couple?

Not all gay people show externally that they are gay so it's difficult for a straight person to know. Some straight people have an insight and can pick up vibes if a person or couple is gay. If they are friendly without knowing you are gay then leave well enough alone. Gays have rights to privacy ab (MORE)

Can a child become gay from being straight?

Can a child become gay if they are straight? No. You are born gay or you are not. Some people don't realize it until later on life, but there is no "switching back and forth."

You are straight and a gay person likes you what should you do?

If by "like" you mean wants to be (or continue to be) a friend, you treat them the same way you would treat a straight friend. If this person is coming on to you, you have two choices: you could mess around and see what it's like, or you could say "Hey, I appreciate the compliment, but I'm not int (MORE)

Can a gay person become a Baptist minister?

Yes, but in most Baptist churches, he would have to be closeted. Exceptions would be in the following individual churches and organizations, which fully accept LGBT people: . Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists . Seattle First Baptist Church (Seattle, Washington, USA) . Pullen Memori (MORE)

How do you seduce straight men become gay?

You can't. Sexuality is not something that is changeable. A gay person might be able to seduce a straight person, but that doesn't mean the straight person has become gay.

If you are born gay can you still become straight later in life?

There is no solid evidence as to why people are gay. People have discovered some things that may relate to it, and other theories exist. A person has one orientation, and they have that orientation for life. A gay man may pretend he's straight, get married, have kids, but he'll always really be (MORE)

How can you turn a straight person gay?

You cannot turn a straight person gay, it is not possible. This is the same for any sexual orientation. You are born with it and nothing you do will change it. It is best to accept it and move on with life. I suspect you want to turn the straight person gay because you may like him or have attract (MORE)

How can you tell if a straight guy is flirting with a gay person?

Well,.......hmmm.......tough one.....Well let's see.......um......When a straight guy is trying to cath attention of a gay guy. It means the guy who is " STRAIGHT " is attracted to him. So he wants to try the flirtations to see if it would work on a gay guy. The gay guy is really liking this but is (MORE)

Can a gay person lead a straight life?

A gay person can pretend to lead a straight life, but this willonly be repressing his identify and lying to himself. Nothing canchange a person's sexual orientation. Even if you undergo"therapies" or treatments, nothing will change about your sexualidentity. This has been backed up numerous times by (MORE)

How does a gay person become straight?

They can't. Sexual orientation is inborn and unchangeable. A: There are plenty of cases of people who have totally changed his/her sexual orientation. See Michael Glatze for a reference. Or Luca Di Tolve for another one. Those people are attacked by gay communities for obious reasons. G (MORE)

What do you do if you are gay and like a straight person?

Well first off, you wanna talk to them. Just be friendly and polite, even if they don't wanna date you, they can still be a good friend. Once he's comfortable with you being around and you two are on a friendly relationship, just let it slip one day and then you never have to say anything again.. Y (MORE)

When should a gay person tell other straight people he is gay?

When he feels the need for whatever reason. It is or should not be any of their business. They don't announce that they are straight. Until it becomes common knowledge, we have to keep coming out. Doesn't seem right. Is telling someone going to help or hurt him. How will they react when it really sh (MORE)

Can a gay person become heterosexual?

No, this is not possible. Extensive research conducted by manyinstitutions, particularly the American Psychological Association(APA) has stated that sexual orientation cannot be changed. If you are a gay person, you cannot change to become heterosexual.Even if you date people of the opposite sex a (MORE)

You are a christian and you are gay what need you do to become straight?

Speak to the leader, minister, pastor, vicar or who ever is in charge of your church. This is not a question just anyone could answer, you should be able to get the support you need in your church. It may also help to speak with other gay christian's by contacting groups such as gaychristian.net a (MORE)

How do you get a straight person to go gay?

You can't get a straight person to "go gay". Your sexual orientation is likely determined by your genes and cannot be changed. . That being said, according to Kinsey, no sexuality is absolute, there are infinite gradations of sexuality between completely straight and completely gay. . In addition, (MORE)

How do you make a gay guy become straight?

Although psychologists' psychiatrists' professional organizations have generally decided that so-called "conversion therapy" is not effective and not beneficial to a patient, there are still some practitioners who are active in the "Ex-Gay" movement. Members of this movement are usually religious pe (MORE)

How does a gay person get their friend to become gay?

You can't. No one can become gay. sexual orientation is somethingyou're born with. Trying to change your friends will lose you friends. You wereallowed to choose what you want to be, let them choose forthemselves. Answer There is no choosing your sexual orientation, so there is noforcing it on (MORE)

Is it normal for a straight person to research gay things?

A person who researches gay things might be gay or at least bisexual, although there are other possible motives for such research. One can have an interest in gay issues out of social concern for an oppressed minority, or out of artistic interest in the dramatic possibilities, or out of a desire to (MORE)

My friend is gay and i dont know how to convert him to become straight?

There is ample evidence that sexual orientation is a genetic predisposition not a "choice". Would you attempt to convert a tall friend to shortness, or a blond friend to being a brunette? If the matter is a choice, a personal choice is a personal choice, one is no better than the next. Similar que (MORE)

A wiccan Spell on how to turn a straight person gay?

I have never heard of such a spell, but most Wiccans would not complete this spell, anyways. Being gay or straight is a personal choice, and therefore the person in question has the right to be gay or straight or bi or whatever. The same question is brought up in the instance of love potions- someth (MORE)

Can a straight become gay or a gay become straight?

No. It is literally Impossible. If you are gay then you were gayfrom the start. If you are gay you cannot become straight. If youare straight you cannot become gay. You can do gay acts but youwont literally be gay. I am of the opinion that you are born one way or the other, manygay people try to be (MORE)

Why would a straight married man become gay?

Straight men never become gay. Ever. What has actually happened is that a gay man got married to a womanfor these reasons: . thinking/hoping that it would get rid of his gay feelings . hiding his gayness . religious pressure . social pressure . Personal inability to accept his sexuality . (MORE)

What makes a straight person go gay?

No one "goes gay" you just come to terms with it one day. I toldpeople I "was straight" until I was 25 then I "came out" whichreally means I decided to be honest with myself about feelings thatI had my entire life. Think of it this way... no one ever asks you if you're straight,it's just assumed. I (MORE)

Does a straight person have the right to get a gay person to use a different change room?

No that would be discriminating. I Would also like to point out that just because someone isattracted to the same sex does NOT mean they fancy YOU! Ex; Astraight woman prefer men but does is not attracted to ALL men.This is something gay people have to deal with often, that peoplethink that just be (MORE)

How should a gay person tell a straight person that they are interested in them?

They shouldn't. There are plenty of gay people in the world that can return a gay person's interest so a gay person asking a straight person to be interested is simply spinning their wheels and wasting time. Consider any straight person as someone who has already firmly said, "Sorry, but I'm not (MORE)

How can you make a straight person gay?

You cannot turn a straight person gay. A person is born with their sexual orientation and nothing can change this. They may decide to lead a homosexual lifestyle, but they will still be a heterosexual and be attracted to members of the opposite sex.

How can you tell if a supposedly straight person is gay?

You can't really tell unfortunately, it is something someone has to share with you, if they are hiding it they are probably insecure. You can try and talk to them about it but do not accuse them of being something they aren't.

How should a gay person tell his straight friend that he loves him?

Tell him that he's a real cool guy and that if he were gay you'd totaly date him. That way it sounds as if you were just paying a compliment, then again it also indicates that you might be interested, inuendo. If it all falls apart then just shrug it off by saying that you were just trying to be nic (MORE)

Does a person become gay or is the person born gay?

Answer: Becoming gay is due to multiple factors that affect lifestyle and orientation. Almost 90% of gay people would say that being homosexual is inborn. It is not a choice to make along the way, but rather a status that came along with birth (genetics). On the other hand, straight people woul (MORE)

Can a gay person change and become heterosexual?

No. Sexual orientation is fixed at a young age, possibly birth.Furthermore, no study has ever shown that conversion is possible.In fact, "conversion therapies" are slowly being outlawed by statesin the U.S.

Can science differentiate between gay or straight person?

Although there are claims of physical differences between the two, I do not believe a scientist could identify one's sexuality merely by visual examination, anthropometric means, or any kind of diagnostic testing that does not involve observation of behavior, written testing or personal interview. P (MORE)

Why do some straight men become gay?

No man has ever done this. It's impossible. Sexual orientation isnot changeable. Men who appear to do this are closeted and thenthey come out.

What if straight was gay and gay was straight?

The words you just listed are just that words. The meaning behind it is a mutally agreed definition for the word. If the words were to be switched then nothing else would happen. It would just be a different word used for the same meaning.

Can a straight person finds out that there gay?

Either you're straight, or you're not. A person who thinks they're straight or triies convincing themselves that they aremight come to realize they're not, but if you're finding out thatyou're gay, then you weren't straight to begin with.