Are there any websites where you can download class 10 cbse's exam papers of last few years rather than wwwcbsenicin?

You can download CBSE and other board previous and model question papers from Also, you can download question papers of various entrance exams l (MORE)

Can a student of final year of his graduation give gmat exam?

GMAT is for perspective students of business graduate school. The score record lasts for 5 years so some people choose to take it before their graduation of bachelor's degree (MORE)

What classes are needed to pass the bar exam?

It depends on which country, since different countries have different rules. But generally, you need to have completed your college degree in law before taking the bar exam. O (MORE)

Does a 12 year old need a pelvic exam?

A 12 year old shouldn't need to have pelvic exams unless they have had something traumatic such as childbirth, rape, or sexual abuse. Maybe if you have had something abnormal (MORE)

What is the last date for degree first year exam fee?

the last date for the exam fee is the 24th decemeber. you must be thinking, `but that is on a christmas eve` but i'll tell you why. Arron Breakspear AKA. Butterbean gets all g (MORE)
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How do you apply for 12 improvement exam?

There are few ways on how do you apply for a 12 improvement exam. One is filling out a ICSE form online and when submitted they should guide you the right way. You could also (MORE)