Can a tomato frog eat tomatos?

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yes they can eat tomatos but they can also eat mice,many tipes of bugs,even snakes!!!!
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What can you get from eating tomatoes?

you can get sores in your mouth or nose (this mainlly happens with chery tomatoes) because they have lots of acid in them. also, if you are allergic you will have an allergic

Why eat tomatoes?

In addition to possessing pleasant taste, fragrance, and texture, tomatoes are rich in nutrients, especially the antioxidant lycopene and vitamin C. Tomatoes also have a small

What is eating your tomatoes?

The green caterpillar will attack the foliage of your tomato plants, usually later in the growing season. If left unchecked they will move onto the tomato fruit once the folia

What can you eat tomatoes with?

One of my favorite things to eat with a tomato is a slice of butter bread. Add a little salt and pepper and you will have yourself an excellent sandwich. or ham and cheese san

What eats a tomato?

Tomato worms, which live in gardens and eat tomatoes off the vine.

What do tomatoes eat?

Um...... Tomatoes drink water and eat sunshine, but they also eat plant food.