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Can a young boy have a big penis?

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Yes. But it HARDLY happens. It's called early puberty.
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How big should a teenage boy penis?

How big should a teenage boy penis?

it depends with every different one. i Am a 17 year old male with a quite big penis about 9 inches and i love my penis and so do all the girls
When do boys penis get big?

When do boys penis get big?

During later stages of puberty, the male phallus grows to its adult size. This typically occurs around 14 to 15 years of age, during the mid to final stage of puberty dependin

Why do boys want to have a big penis?

its probably a throwback to many aincent cultures which depict statues of men with large penis' and women with large breasts as fertility symbols. Its somewhat taboo around so

How big should a fifteen year old boy penis be?

  There is no specific length that anyone's dick should be, everyone is different. At 15 some boys will be at different stages of puberty so there is an enormous variation

Why are boys penis so big?

Because it gets filled with blood so he can perform intercourse.

How big should a seventeen year old boys penis be?

There's no "exact" or "proper" penis size at 17. Usually our penises are fully grown at this later stage of puberty; however, late on-set puberty could mean your penis could

How big is a twelve year old boy penis?

  Some boys will have just started puberty at 12, others will have started some time earlier and some won't have started puberty at all. So there is great variation in the
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How big can a boys penis get?

well mine was 7 inches when i was 13 but I'm 14 now and it 9 inches, during puberty you penis in largest by a lot. as big as u want it to babez

How big of a penis do young ladies like?

  They don't care at all really. Once they've decided to go as far as seeing it and touching it, you are in my man. They might giggile if it is smaller than normal, or be