Can a young boy have a big penis?

Can a young boy have a big penis?
Yes. But it HARDLY happens. It's called early puberty.
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How does a young girl get a boy to like her?

You can never MAKE someone like you but here is my theory. *step 1- you ask to go to the mall with him and a big group of friends *step 2- you ask him to go to the mall ag (MORE)

How do you get your young boys to behave?

  1. Make sure your rules are fair and that they understand them.   2. NEVER make a threat that you won't carry out!   3. Have a time-out corner where they can calm (MORE)
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What did Barack Obama do as a young boy?

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961 and lived there with his mother and father, who were both university students. Unfortunately, when Barack was two years old, his dad ab (MORE)
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Can young boys wear thongs?

Yes, in other countries young boys do wear "Speedo" type swim trunks, in those countries no one thinks anything of it. Here in the U.S. there is so much sexual obsession, fear (MORE)

What do you do if a boy asks you out at a young age?

It depends what the age is. It's best for 'young age' to be around 15+ If you're about 12, 13 etc, you guys can just be friends. No point of having a relationship if it's not (MORE)
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If a young boy is called master what is a young girl called?

"Mistress" is the corresponding term here. When addressing children, the terms are usually used by household servants and other employees of a noble household (not necessarily (MORE)

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