Can an African violet clone itself?

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What is an African violet?

An African violet is a one crowned plant that produces beautiful flowers at around 6 months. An array of colors from yellow, pink,blue-purple, red, rose and much more. There a

Why are African Violets leaves hairy?

The little hairs are for it's protection against insects that will harm the leaves and plant. African violets leaves are full of water and they are very delicate.

What color are African violets?

A very pale blue that looks nearly white to a deep purple is the range of color that may be found in the flowers of the African violet [ Saintpaulia spp ]. From lig

Is there a dormant period for African violets?

There doesn't have to be a dormant period for African violets [ Saintpaulia spp ]. Specifically, they're capable of flowering year-round. Important factors are temperature

If cloning was allowed would a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone have a right to clone itself?

One would hope that if cloning were allowed, the clones would be defined as people. If they are people then they should have the same rights as people who are not cloned. If p

What is 'African violet' in Spanish?

'Violeta africana' is a Spanish equivalent of 'African violet' [ Saintpaulia spp ]. The feminine noun 'violeta' means 'violet'. Its definite article is 'la' ['the'], a

What is 'African violet' in French?

'Violette africaine' or 'Violette du Cap' may be French equivalents of 'African violet'. The feminine noun 'violette' means 'violet'. Its singular definite article is '

What is 'fertilizer burn' in African violets?

Feeding the plant with too much fertilizer is the cause of 'fertilizer burn' in African violets [ Saintpaulia spp ]. The visual clues to 'fertilizer burn' are found in the

How does the african violet plant reproduce?

African Violets have seeds just like many flowers. The seeds are so small they almost look like 1/4 of an Ant. The seeds need moist and warm conditions. When planted the ge
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Can African violets poison you if you touch it?

Toxicity is low and can cause irritation of the mouth and mild nausea if eaten, , to be safe, dont put fingers in the mouth after touching the plant
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Are African violets acid loving?

African violets prefer soil that is slightly acidic, about pH 6.0 to 6.5. You should use fertilizers made for acid loving plants in order to keep the soil acidic. This is impo
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What part of a cabbage will clone itself?

Anyone who has ever grown cabbage will tell you that the stem will produce more than one cabbage. Sometimes this is done at about the same time, and sometimes after the first