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Can an OPERS disability person also collect Social Security Disability?

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Yes you can collect both, but each agency has to accept you independently of each other. But there's a catch (as always). Any benefit you receive from SSA is subject to the WEP, windfall elimination provision. In other words, you are prevented by the federal government from receiving your maximum benefit from SSA. This applies to retirement benefits too - same idea. With SSA there is a mandatory 5 month waiting period before the first benefit will be issued if you are approved.

A ray of hope OPERS and others are trying to get the WEP repealed; however watch the OPERS website as the Board is considering some changes to benefits. (read it the other day, but of course I can't remember. I think it was concerning healthcare.) Any of these changes will have to be legislated in Columbus and I remember thinking that if I am going to get disability I need to get on it.
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