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Can an O negative blood type father parent an A positive blood type child?

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We are looking for the possible blood types of a MOTHER
Available information:
  • Father type O neg-- can only be OO Rh (--)
  • Genes: O, (-)
  • Baby type A pos-- can be AA or AO with Rh (++) or (+-)
Baby receives one gene from each parent:
  • Baby is type AO Rh (+-)
  • Mother must be Type A pos -- AA or AO and Rh (++) or (+-)
  • Contributing genes: A, O, (+), (-)
YES, since the father is contributing an O and (-), the baby might be Type A+, if the mother gives him the A and (+) genes.
HOWEVER: There is more to ABO blood typing that just the ABO gene.
There is also an inhibitory gene that will change any genotype into the phenotype O.
Therefore a person with genetically AB blood can be tested as having Type O.
  • Baby is type A+ which can be genetically AA or AO
If one or both parents has the inhibitory gene affecting their AA, AO or AB type, then you can have two Type O parents (one Rh neg & other Rh pos) with a Type A offstpring.

**Yes. My son is 0- and my daughter in law is 0+ and they just had a A+ baby boy. It is very rare but the doctor said it can happen because every has a primary and secondary (recessive) blood gene. Since my d-i-law's father is A+ and her mother is 0+ and his parents are both 0+ but his mothers mother is A+ and her Father is 0+ there are many recessive A+ genes in their DNA blood type therefore they can have a A+ child. (Example mother is O+/A+ and father is 0-/A+ equals= A+/0 child.) 0 seems to be universal and can throw off a recessive gene. In our case; since it is rare; the baby and the mother's blood types caused him to have alot of jaundice (18) so he had to go back in hospital to be under the light for an additional 24 hours to bring it down. She was nursing and her milk had not come in to give him the fluids to fight off the excess billiruben count. Other than that; it will not be a problem for either of them.

Hope this helps, as it is hard to find this information on the Internet. Most sights say no because they are stating the normal without considering the recessive secondary gene type that are rare. Ask a doctor .....it happens

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Can parents both blood type O negative have a child with A positive blood type?

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