Can an employer withhold a paycheck after terminating an employee for theft?

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No. You have to be paid for what you worked, well that's the case here in Ohio. Restitution has to be ordered by a judge. Employers cant take any monies unless you consent prior to ...
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Can your employer withhold the outstanding balance on your company sponsored credit card from your final paycheck if you are terminating and you signed an initial agreement giving permission for this?

Answer . Yes. If they "sponsored" the credit card, they are guaranteeing the debt. After you are no longer an employee they have no way to know that you would pay off the d

Can your employer withhold your paycheck because you have not turned in paperwork?

Well, if you haven't finished your job, why should he pay you? If it is paperwork associated with employment, such as with holding forms and proof of citizenship, he can't leg

Can your employer withhold your paycheck for three weeks?

If your a new hire most companies hold the first week or 2 if your bi-weekly. If you quit or were fired, the answer is no. Employers dont have the right to withold and monies

What happens to the money that your employer withholds from your paycheck?

The taxes are sent to the taxing authorities. For example, your federal income taxes and Social Security taxes are sent to the IRS. State taxes are sent to your state tax de

Can a employer withhold a paycheck?

The laws for withholding pay are different on a state by state basis in the United States. For example, the State of Arizona does not allow withholding pay by more than five d