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Can an employer withhold a paycheck after terminating an employee for theft?

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No. You have to be paid for what you worked, well that's the case here in Ohio. Restitution has to be ordered by a judge. Employers cant take any monies unless you consent prior to ...
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Should an employee be paid on the last day of employment when terminated by the employer?

The employee MUST be paid for any time they spend at the workplace leading up to and including the termination itself. If the employee reports to work and is fired five minute

Can an employer use W4 to withhold taxes and give employee a 1099?

No. A 1099 is issued to self-employed contractors hired to do a job. If your employer issued you a 1099, they are telling your state's Dept of Employment and Dept of Revenue t

Is the employer obligated to withhold state tax or is it up to the employee?

  The employer is absolutely obligated to do so. Not doing so is subject to harsh penalties and even being responsible for the employees taxes. It is something taken very,

Is it legal for an incorporated employer to not withhold federal taxes for a w2 employee?

  It is not legal - IT IS AN ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT with severe penalties and pursued very vigorously for ANY employer (incorporated or not) to fail to withhold, payover tim

Why do employers withhold taxes every paycheck rather than all at once at the end of the year?

Because you wouldn't get a paycheck at all the last three or four months of the year! Taxes take up as much as 30% of your total pay. ans First, no portion of withholding i

Can a employer withhold a paycheck?

The laws for withholding pay are different on a state by state basis in the United States. For example, the State of Arizona does not allow withholding pay by more than five d

What happens to the money that your employer withholds from your paycheck?

The taxes are sent to the taxing authorities. For example, your federal income taxes and Social Security taxes are sent to the IRS. State taxes are sent to your state tax depa

Can employer interview Employee about Theft?

Yes. An employer can interview an employee regarding a theft from the company. The employee should carefully review the company policies received at the time of hire and that

How do you calculate withholding on your paycheck from your taxes?

So here's where I'm at. I always claimed zero at work and got a big  tax return. I got $8500 or so in 2013. I adjusted it at work  (not sure to what) and got $500 more in my