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Can an unmarried father win sole custody from the unmarried mother?

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Yes, but the circumstances would have to be extreme. Courts are very reluctant torevoke custody rights from a parent(s) unless there is substantial evidence that neglect or abuse has occurred. The main issue courts take into consideration when granting custody,(sole or joint), is the well-being of the child, not the wishes of the parent(s).
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If an unmarried father wants nothing to do with his child does the unmarried mother automatically get full custody of the child?

  Answer     If the father's name is on the birth certificate, the mother must petition the court for full custody rights. If the petition is granted, it still wi

Does the unmarried mother still have custody of a child if that child has the fathers last name?

  If you live in the US... The child having the father's last name has NOTHING to do with custody. If Dad is listed on the birth certificate as the father, then both paren

Can an unmarried mother keep child from father?

It would depend on the circumstances. If the father signed the birth certificate then he automatically has rights and can take you to court for those rights. If he's not on th

What are your rights of custody as a unmarried father in fl if the mother is in jail?

An unmarried father must establish his paternity and arrange for a custody hearing if he wants custody. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody a

What are the 49 states unmarried mothers have sole custody?

There is no such provision for 49 states. In some states, a mother is presumed to have sole custody if no father is named on the birth certificate, in other states, a mother i
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Can an unmarried mother get sole legal custody of an unborn child?

United States Courts don't rule on custody until the child is born. Legal custody isn't an issue until the child is born. An unmarried mother in the United States has sole cus
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Does an unmarried mother still have sole custody after father has been awarded visitation in Tennessee?

She needs to review the court order that established the visitations. The order should state the legal custody arrangement along with the visitation schedule. For example it c
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Can an unmarried mother move out of state with her child when the father is not listed on birth certificate but has filed for sole custody?

No. It would be very unwise for the mother to remove the childrenwhen a petition for custody has been filed. She must attend thehearings and cooperate with any court orders. R