Can anyone give all the words to a song from Captain Kangaroo with the words Good morning sunshine so happy to see you and the good times that you bring everybody sing hey good morning?

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I looked at Capt. Kangaroo for many years as a kid.l they did have cartoons ( something Mr. Keeshan tried to tone down or disavow- among them were Tom Terrific and at times cartoonized children"s books with limited animation- one favorite was ( paddle to the sea) about an Indian and his canoe voyage. I cannot recall the song you mention, they had an instrumental theme song- but not anything solar.
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What are the words to the song Good morning Mary sunshine?

Words and music are given in Zuchtmann, Frederick. New American Music Reader. New York: Macmillan, 1903, page 29: GOOD MORNING, MERRY SUNSHINE. G. Ambrose Good morning

Chinese word for good morning?

早上好 is a directly translated good morning.. good morning is "早安" if you are greeting a person..

How do you say good morning sunshine in spanish?

'good morning sunshine' in Spanish is (word for word) 'sol de la mañana buena', but I think you mean 'Good morning, sunshine' (a greeting, plus 'sunshine') Good morning =

What is the Indian word for good morning?

There is actually no such language as "Indian". There are more than 450 different languages spoken in India. If you are talking about Native American languages, there are more