Can apple gift cards be used for the apple store app?

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Apple gift cards are more widely accepted at green grocers, to purchase apples and bananas. When spent at selected stores noted on the apple site, the face value is increased by 50%. I hope this helps you in your quest for fruity goodness.
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Do you need an apple gift card to get something from the apple?

No, to purchase paid content you will need to have money in your Account (from giftcards) or your account attached to a credit card. To purchase free content you do not need to have a credit card or gift card (for example, free apps from the App Store) Just ensure you make an Apple ID through th (MORE)

Why is the apple store an apple?

because it is Apple. the name was not anything strategic, they couldn't think of anything better when the company was founded. The logo is also an apple.

How do you use an App Store gift card?

To use a iTunes Gift card follow these simple steps, 1. Scratch off the silver bit to see the code 2. Open iTunes or The App Store 3. Enter in the code Voila you know have "Store Credit"

Why did apple store call it apple?

Steve Jobs and / or Steve Wosniak the founders of Apple were fans of Newtons laws of physics, and the name at least partly comes from that - the original Apple logo had a picture of Newton sitting under the famed Apple tree with the Apple falling onto his head. If you read into it it's a mark of div (MORE)

Is there an app store on the apple MacBook regular?

If you have 10.6 or higher installed on the computer then the Mac App store application is installed on your computer already. It's for ANY Mac that can run an Apple supported installation of 10.6 or higher. The store is online and the application automatically directs you there.

How often does apple update the mac app store?

depends on what your idea of "update" is. if you mean adding apps to it apple doesnt do that if you make an app that works on the Iphone. As soon as apple takes a quick look at it and approves it goes right up onto the app store instantly. If your talking about actually updating it so that it works (MORE)

About liquid calories app from Apple Store?

There is an app in the apple store that helps those who want to keep track of their liquid calories. It works by keeping check on your liquid calories and is not only useful for people who want to lose weight but also for people with diabetes etc. The app is $1.99.

Is there a device not made by apple that has an app store?

An 'App store" is just an online store you can buy applications. The 'Apple app store' has apps exclusively for apple products. The 'Android app store' has apps exclusively for phones that run on the Android platform. Samsung and Nokia also have simillar "App stores" exclusively for their products (MORE)

How do you put money on the app store with no gift card?

You will have to input your credit card details to spend money on iTunes and the app store. You cannot actually "add" money without a gift card but imputing your card details in your account will be charged for each purchase you make.

Does Walgreen's sell apple store gift cards?

Walgreen's sells Apple iTunes gift cards to buy music. As far as gift cards to spend money at the apple store? You will have to go to an apple store to purchase that. You could also go to the apple website and order a gift card on-line and have it shipped to you.

What are some good apps in the apple store for education?

Apple has a huge assortment of apps, primarily for gaming. However, they have some very good apps that can be used for education, such as Lumosity and Blackboard, which is a gateway for college students to get into the online application for their classes.

What is an apple airport card used for?

An Apple airport card is used to connect an Apple product to the internet at an airport location. You can find many of these for sale on Ebay, ranging in price.

Where can you buy Apple gift cards?

There are many places where one can buy Apple gift cards for anyone they please. The best place to buy Apple gift cards is on the official Apple company website on the web.

Can itunes gift cards work on app store?

They definitely work in the app store. Because iTunes is the music section of Apple, any Apple gift cards will work for apps in the App Store. Make sure the code isn't scratched off when you buy it!