Can babies walk on their hands?

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Why would your hands swell when you walk?

The reason is not clear although it is a common problem. It may well be that blood vessels are responding to the increased energy demands of your muscles

How do you walk on your hands?

If you can do a handstand just start moving your hands in a walking position don't forget to bend your legs just a little bit.

Why do you swing your hands while walking?

answer: - to keep your body balance you can still walk with balance when your hands are in your pockets or doing anything else because hand swings don't affect much while wa

How do I get my baby to walk?

All babies walk on their own schedule, so just be patient, he or she will walk when they are ready. Normal range is about 10 - 18 months.

How do you get your baby to walk to you on your baby girl ds?

Encourage your baby with the rattle when she is looking at you to make her get up and encourage her once again with your voice or the rattle to make her walk towards you. This

Why baby can not walk?

In my point of view it's because their bones aren't fully delvelpoed as we have.. so that's why and they are not formed..even know for a 16 year old person will still have som
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Who walked 870 miles on his hands?

everyone asks themselfs who walked 870 on his hands well the answer is paul miller i learned that in school well there you have it