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What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is an process of executing a program or a softwarewith the intent of finding errors, validating against requirements.Testing involves operation of a system or application undercontrolled conditions and evaluating the results. Controlledconditions would include both normal and abnormal conditions.Software testing is conducted not only to check if the softwaremeets the functional/technical/security requirements but also tobreak the software with negative inputs or incorrect usage. Also, Software testing will only evaluate the quality of thesoftware & will not improve the quality. In simple terms The comparison of EV ( Expected value ) with the AV( Actual value ) of any feature in an application or product isknown as testing. If EV=AV then the result is pass or else it isfail . For more detailed information on software testing refersoftware testing complete theory on

How do you get on to blackboard?

Go to google and type in your state and blackboard and it should come up.

How will you do software testing?

Answer . Depends on if it is new software, or a software version upgrade. Usually however a test plan is created as requirements for software are identified, and written to the requirements documents. In other words we test to the requirement. And we test to certain performance standards as well such as MTBF etc. Once the software has been developed, and they think it is ready for testing a complete test plan is put together based on those requirements. Testing is conducted, then if issues arrise during the test that either doesnt meet the requirments, or causes crashes, or other issues then a DR or CR is written for the next engineering build and then the testing is repeated either in full or only with regression testing etc. Suggest you loggon to NCOSE, web site and join. Alot of information available. Also look into DAU web site Defense Acquisition University, it also has alot of free info available. Hope this helps, but to learn this requires alot of study. I believe any high school graduate can learn how to do testing, but does require some specific training, college would be more benneficial however and you need to learn what the system is supposed to be able to do too. Anyway good luck.

Why to test software?

One of the best reasons to test software is to evaluate whether the software performs as you would expect it to perform. Software is tested in many different situations: - Testing during development (test-driven development, ...) - Testing before delivery to the customer - Testing performed by the customer before buying (a trial, demo etc.) - Testing done by the customer during use of the software When writing software it is almost impossible to avoid introducing bugs (misbehaviour) into the programs. Testing helps find these bugs and helps improve the software. More testing: - Testing whether the software conforms to a specification - Testing whether the software is compatible with some other software ...

How do you test a notebook on the monitor of a desktop?

Plug in the desktop monitor to the laptop and turn the laptop. if nothing comes up, go to desplay settings.

What is Functional testing in software testing?

Functional testing is a process of testing all the functionality ofan application.When we create a software, we create it keeping theusers of that software in mind. Functional testing test whether theapplication fulfills the requirement of the user. It means to check whether the functionality of an application areworking as expected or not. For example, Login functionality, Compose mail functionality,Delete mail functionality,etc.

What is a test driver in software testing?

Test Driver or stubs are used for integration testing. So you have 3 modules say A, B and C in your application. The A and C is ready but the bridge between A to C is B is not ready so how you can test the whole system A, B and C together. Here you need to use some dummy system which would take the input and pass it to C. It is not the complete B system but still will serve the purpose to have a path between A and C. This is called stub and driver.

Is there a software program that will monitor internet use?

Yes there are tons of Internet usage monitor apps out there that help monitor all Internet usage like sites, mails, and chats.

What is keystroke monitoring software?

Keystroke montioring software is kind of tool to log all keystrokestyped on the computer keyboard. There are many software availablein the market for keystroke monitoring like Net Orbit.

How does computer monitoring software work?

There are two kinds of monitoring software: one for single PC, the other for lan network. For single computer monitoring, you just need to install the software on the PC that you want to monitor. For LAN monitoring, you need to install the server program to the main computer and install the agent program to client computers. Then you can monitor the remote pcs from the central server.

What is Gorilla Testing in software testing?

Gorilla Testing is used to check functionality of one particularmodule that needs to be tested extensively with multiplecombinations of input. It is to ensure that this module do not haveany defects left. Sometimes Developers also accompany testers forthis type of testing.But that is actually your team's decision whowill be involved. The objective is to test the module thoroughly.Itis repetitive and hence also known as Frustrating Testing.

What is test case in software testing?

Test Case is a testing work product that automatically performs a singe test on an executable work product. otherwise in simple we can define is a set of procedures in order to find out the defects.

Where can you find FREE computer monitoring software?

Answer A great place to go is and search for AVG 9 Free. AVG is award winning, free and it is used by over 80 million users. What makes it so great is that Grisoft (the people who make AVG products) decided to give anti virus protection to users for free. Before I upgraded to AVG Internet Security, the free version got rid of countless infections. The only difference between the free and paid version is the paid version (Internet Security) includes a firewall, anti rootkit, anti spam, web shield. Here's a link to the page I was talking about. The one you want is the second result

What is functional testing for software test?

Checking the functions of any tasks, which it intent to perform as per the specifications and requirements derived earlier.

Is pulse monitored in a stress test?

Yes. In fact, the heart rate is specifically monitored to know when to stop the stress test.

What does a holter monitor test do?

A Holter monitor is a 3 lead (wire) EKG. It constantly monitors your heart and either records everything for 24-48 hours or records for longer but just saves abnormal portions. If is used to see if the heart is having abnormal heart rhythms.

Types of testing in software testing?

Well it generally depends on what approach you want to take in the testing. What we think generally as the testing is the Black box testing and white box testing. Black box testing is basically testing the software without knowing whats inside is (Code). And white box testing is opening up the interiors of the software so that we can find the errors in it. Other type might be Static and Dynamic testing. Dynamic testing is basically running the software to find out the bugs. (Taking it on the ride ! ) and static is examining it without running it. Then there are Static black box, static white box, dynamic white box testing too. Static black box being examining testing just the specification, Dynamic white box is running the software while you take a look at how the code works during the running. and static white box is taking a look at code just to see if any errors like syntax errors. There are more types like Data testing, State testing, Configuration testing, Compatibility testing, translation-Localisation testing, Documentation testing etc. There's a book by a nice man, Ron Patton, titled 'Software Testing' that'd teach you much about testing. In much cooler way. :D

Is a monitor hard ware or software?

Hardware. You've got to download software. Hardware is stuff you can physically touch like the mouse or the monitor. Software is stuff like iTunes or Publisher.

What is a performance testing in software testing?

Performance testing is the testing, which is performed, to ascertain how the components of a system are performing, given a particular situation. Resource usage, scalability and reliability of the product are also validated under this testing. This testing is the subset of performance engineering, which is focused on addressing performance issues in the design and architecture of software product.

Is Software online monitoring possible?

Yes, but what type of online monitoring are you referring to? I came across someone who asks about Yahoo chat monitoring ( AutoChatLog ) to online asset management, help desk monitoring ( SysAid ).

What does a polysomnography test monitor?

The patient's airflow through the nose and mouth, blood pressure, heart activity, blood oxygen level, brain wave pattern, eye movement, and the movement of respiratory muscle and limbs.

What does the PT test monitor for?

The prothrombin test specifically evaluates the presence of factors VIIa, V, and X, prothrombin, and fibrinogen.

What are some reliable Server monitoring software?

Some server monitoring software that provides powerful performance, expert support, and provides peace of mind is readily available. PA, Uptime, and GFI all offer free trials of their software and have excellent reviews.

What Network Monitoring Software Does?

it collects the data and compare it with the set results. Dependingon them the monitoring program gives an answer to the systemadministrator. For instance, that hosts are not working, theservice is unavalable and so on. All this helps to react on on different network troubles morequickly.

What does database monitoring software do?

Database monitoring software should monitor your software. It should also process the health of your pc and issue alerts for any issues that should arise. Database monitoring software makes sure important information on hard drives does not get accidentally deleted. It often also password protects data.

What is scenario testing in software testing?

Scenario-based testing is one method of documenting softwarespecifications and requirements for the project. Scenario-basedtesting is used for writing tests for individual user scenario,which would check their work. Scenarios concentrate on theprincipal objectives and requirements. If the scenario runs fromstart to finish, then it passes. Scenario testing is done to make sure that the end to endfunctioning of software is working fine, or all the businessprocess flows of the software are working fine. In scenario testingthe testers put themselves in the end users shoes and figure outthe the real world scenarios or use cases which can be performed onthe software by the end user. In scenario testing, testers takeassistance from clients, stakeholders and developers to create testscenarios. Scenario testing helps testers to explore how thesoftware will work in the hands of an end user. Since scenariotesting tests the business flow of the software, it helps infinding lot of defects which cannot be found with other types oftesting. Importance of Scenario Testing As you know that exhaustive testing of any software application isnot possible because of the following reasons: * Large number of data combinations. * Large number of possible paths in software.

What is the best type of server monitoring software?

I have done lots of research and read reviews, and apparently the best server monitoring software is called The One Software. It has the best reviews.

What is application monitoring software used for?

Application monitioring software is used on computers to keep track of what websites are being viewed. It is used by employers and schools to monitor activity.

WHAT IS THE FAMOUS server monitoring software?

"Enter Dyson. I'm sure you have seen the advertisements with James Dyson proclaiming that his invention is the best, because the vacuum never loses suction. The problem is that I just wasn't willing to part with $400-600 for a floor cleaner, no matter how fancy its cyclone technology promised to be."

Where to purchase server monitoring software?

"There are multiple companies that provide server monitoring software such as Tembria, Solarwinds, etc. I would suggest that you read the reviews on server monitoring software from resources such as Tech World to help in the evaluation process."

What is the best brand of computer monitoring software?

"According to the Monitoring Software Review 2011, conducted by the ""TopTenReviews"" Brand website, the hands-down favorite is SpyTech SpyAgent, version 7.1."

What is component testing in software testing?

Testing a specific part of a system or even a program. That would be called a component. So it is component testing.

What does the software Monitors AnyWhere do?

Monitors Anywhere software uses HDMI over LAN - so that onecomputer can display onto many screens that are not connected tothe computer by a display cable, but are connected with LAN cables.So you do not need to have a computer behind each monitor. But you do need in addition to the software, HDMI over LANhardware. This hardware replaces the conventional graphics card ofa computer.. Also HDMI to LAN hardware from different manufacturescannot be installed on the same computer. The type of hardware alsolimits the number of monitor that can be connected. . On April 2015 a new updated driver was released which allowsyou to connect any hardware manufacturer and also any number ofunits to a single PC. . Also all HDMI over LAN components must be found in the same LANnetwork segment.

What is sanity testing in software testing?

A sanity test or sanity check is a basic test to quickly verify if thefixes in code or functionality are working as expected or not.Detailed level testing is not performed here. Main features of Sanity testing are: . testing of some limited features. . Generally non-scripted or not documented . Is a sub-set of regression testing

Where can one find database monitoring software?

Database monitoring software can be found at any place that sells computer software, and there are many places that sell computer software, both online stores as well as retail stores around the country.

What is test script in software testing?

A test script is a set of instructions, written using ascripting or programming language, that are executed on a systemunder test. A test script is used to verify that the systemperforms as expected. Nowadays, QA outsourcing companies areprimarily focusing on automation. Some of the most commonly usedscripting languages used in automation testing are: . Java . Python . Perl . Ruby . VB script There are many automation tools that generate the test scripts intheir own scripting languages without the need for actual coding,for example Selenium IDE. Hope this information is clear to you andyou can get back to us in case need more information

What is the top rated software for computer monitoring?

The highest rated computer monitoring software on the website TopTenReviews is SpyAgent, followed by WebWatcher and PC Pandora. The features of SpyAgent screenshot recording, disabling of spyware detectors and running in stealth mode.

Where can one download network monitor software?

Network monitoring software is available at several different websites. Different websites and companies will offer monitor software with different types of features.

Where can one download a process monitor software?

There is a process monitor software available on the cnet download website. Process Monitor is a monitoring tool that shows file system, registry and process activity.

Where does one get computer monitoring software?

Computer monitoring software can be purchased at a variety of retail stores and online sites. Staples, Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay, for example, each sell this software.

What companies specialize in server monitor software?

There are many different options one has when deciding what server monitor software to purchase. A list of the top 11 server management and monitoring software can be found on Google Drive. The top three from the list are: Hyperic HQ, Nagios and ZABBIX.

Who founded Mark Monitor Software?

The company Mark Monitor Software was founded by Faisal Shah and James Hepworth. The company is also named MarkMonitor Inc. and was bought in 2012 by Thomson-Reuters.

Where can one buy web monitoring software?

One can purchase and download web monitoring software from a numberof websites. This includes WFilter, Spiceworks, Paessler,SpectorSoft, Solarwinds, and SpyAgent.

What is the quality of a CCTV test monitor?

A CCTV test monitor is used to test the quality of CCTV security cameras. When it is connected to a security camera it gives you the camera's view so you can make adjustments as needed.

What is a reliable CPU monitoring software?

Both Core-Temp and Hwmonitor offer high quality CPU monitoring software. Other popular CPU monitoring software tools include CPUID and Webcatcher. Some of these services may charge fees.

What is a test model in software testing?

A test models is used to describe the sequence of activities thatmake a Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDLC is used todescribe activities of both development and maintenance work inSoftware Testing. Software testers can use various test models suchas waterfall, iterative and agile styles while performing softwaretesting. A brief description of various test modals is as follows: A. Waterfall style modal Testing The Waterfall Model approach is most basic life cycle model and isdivided into following phases: - Requirement Gathering & Analysis phase - Software Design - Implementation and Testing - Maintenance Software testing using waterfall style is a linear process likesoftware development using the waterfall model. Waterfall testingis occasionally appropriate for situations where it is reasonableto hope that software would work, for example applying a patch to aproduction application. B. Iterative style modal Testing Iterative testing is similar to iterative development in the waythat many of the test iterations happen to coincide withdevelopment releases. Testing iterations differ from developmentiterations in that there can be iterations prior to the firstsoftware build, and there can be multiple test iterations during asingle software build. Due to many variants, Iterative softwaretesting is extremely common in software testing companies.Iterative testing generally works well on following projects: - where software is being developed in pre-planned, predictableincrements - where the software is being developed and released in such rapidor unpredictable cycles that it is counter productive for testersto plan around scheduled releases. C. Agile style modal Testing In QA testing companies, Agile style testing more or lesseliminates the element of pre-determined flow from the test cycle.For example, while analyzing the results of a test, the tester mayrealize that test was flawed and move directly back to planning anddesigning tests. In a waterfall or iterative flow, that testredesign would wait until after the current results were reportedand preparations were being made for the next test iteration. Forexample, within an iterative test approach, a tester could beencouraged to enter a period of agile testing side-by-side with adeveloper, while tracking down and resolving defects in aparticular feature. Hope this information is clear to you and get back to us in caseneed more information.

Where can one find bandwidth monitoring software?

Bandwith monitoring software can be purchased at any software retailer, which can be found by searching your local directory. Bandwith monitoring software can also be purchased online at several locations.

How to install productivity monitoring software?

To install productivity monitoring software, one can go to the website Manage Engine. On this website, one can have access to a step-by step guide to installation of productivity monitoring software.

What are the benefits an organization can get by using monitoring software?

Employee Monitoring Software can help the organizations to improvethe overall productivity of employee and organization as well,cut-off the risk of credential or information burglary, createethical work culture, and Getting rid of nuisance work.

Is employee monitoring software reliable?

It depends on the software you are using. Some of the bestmonitoring software in the market allows an employer to spy ontheir employees and staff by installing the software in everycomputers of the organization. Then every detail of the performedactivities by an employee on the computer can be seen by theemployers, and can control the Internet usage by filtering theunnecessary sites.