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Can caffeine kill brain cells?

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If you were to take a culture of brain cells on a petri dish and submerge them in a caffeine solution, it probably would. But in people, is drinking coffee going to kill brain cells? No. Even very high amounts would not.
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Can LSD kill brain cells?

No, LSD is very non-toxic compared to most recreational drugs. It does not cause any physical damage to the body or the brain. All risks associated with LSD are psychological

Do marijuana kill brains cell?

No it does not kill brain cells, people say that it kills them and hurts you mentally. Its been researched by scientist and the truth of the matter is that it has no effect at

Can sharpies kill brain cells?

Not really, no.    Sniffing sharpies very much can cause brain damage because of the specific chemical solvents they contain, in which case certain brain cells will sto

Does marijuana kill brain cells?

No It offers neuroprotection, meaning it protects nerves and brain cells. There is also some evidence that it may facilitate brain cell development. The US DHS confirms the sc

What is in caffeine that kills the cells of plants?

It's not that there is anything in caffeine that kills plants, it is the caffeine itself. Caffeine is a toxin produced by some plants to ward off predators, but is lethal to

Does heroin kill brain cells?

no it does not heroin enters the brain and is converted into morphine which binds to receptors in your brain and alters the way they transmit signals. it does not straight u

Does anger kill brain cells?

Actually, anger induces emotional stress, which takes a toll on  brain cells by increasing adrenergic activity via the HPA  (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis. This cause

Does salt kill brain cells?

no but too much salt can because if you have too much salt in your cells than water the cell will burst

Can helium kill brain cells?

Not immediately. Helium has many negative effects on the brain. Bubbles of helium can travel to the arteries that lead to your brain. Inhaling the gas won't kill brain cells o

Does a brain freeze kill brain cells?

No. Brain freeze is a headache most commonly associated with the quick consumption of cold substances, such as ice cream. When the cold substance comes into contact with you
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Does meth kill brain cells?

Certainly. Also slowly but surely takes away the ability to feel pleasure, physical or emotional. Happy Tweaking! - Audrey

Does weed kill brain cells?

Yes, but on a minor scale. It's not enough to do serious damage. Unless smoked regularly. sweetheart i smoke everyday at least twice and i can still count to ten WITHOUT usi

What kills brain cells?

Drug abuse, lack of oxygen, strokes, and certain medical conditions such as those which cause seizures are some things which kill brain cells.

Can music kill brain cells?

Yes, but it depends on how loud you have the volume because not only do you ruin your hearing but also it kills your brain cells.