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Can canon iR 2016J Photocopier also be used as a printer?

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by default it is only a copier.fax but it can be modified as a printer as it has a NIC and a usb connection
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Can you use a hp ink cartridge with a Canon printer?

It is not recommended to use the incorrect printer cartridge. To get the best quality printing and allow your machine to function properly, it would be better to buy the corre

Can you use printer ink hp in a canon printer?

You cannot use an HP ink cartridge in a Canon printer because cartridges are made for certain printers. You have to use an HP cartridge in an HP printer and a Canon cartridge

How much is a Canon Photocopier?

Depending on what type of copier one is looking for, prices can vary among Canon's offerings. For example, many photocopiers are included with all in one printers and will the

What ink does a canon photocopier need?

You will need to know what the model/series is of the copier you have. It should be listed on model itself or in the manual included with the purchase.

Where can one purchase a used Canon photocopier?

One can purchase used Canon photocopiers from online retailers like FutureCopiers, TBCCopiers, CopiersRefurbished and CopiersCopiers. One might also find a used Canon photocop

What can a Canon Color Photo Printer be used for?

A Canon Color Photo Printer can be used to print both color and black and white photos. Depending on the model it can print up to full page pictures on various types of papers
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Which printers use Canon CLI Ink?

Canon CLI ink is compatible with the following printers: Pixma iP4820, Pixma iP4920, Pixma iX6520 and Pixma iXMG5120. This type of ink is also compatible with the Pixma MX712.
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What printers use the Canon 120 toner?

The Canon 120 laser printer uses the OEM 1382A005AA laser toner cartridges. The Canon laser toner cartridges and printer supplies for your Canon C120 are high quality.reliable