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Can coconut milk substitute for coconut water?

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No, coconut milk is very different in thickness, taste, and texture and is completely different from coconut water.
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How do you get coconut milk from a coconut?

After breaking open a cocunut, you cut the white meat found inside the husk into small pieces, then put in a blender with enough water to cover the coconut and then blend. Aft

Can you dilute the coconut milk to make it like the coconut water?

nope. coconut water is the juice of the coconut (the liquid that comes out when you crack open a coconut). coconut milk is made from the meat of the coconut and water blended

Is coconut milk when diluted as good for you as coconut water?

yes. I am not sure I would completely agree that coconut milk is a good as coconut water when diluted. However Coconut milk is still great, yes but is higher in saturated fat

What is a substitute for coconut milk?

Diluted coconut cream (dilute by about 1/3, but the packet will usually have directions on diluting). There are no more close substitutes apart from that.

Can coconut water substitute for coconut milk?

  No, it will not give the same flavour. Coconut water is a thin, watery liquid that tastes sugary but not incredibly coconutty. Coconut milk has the pulp added and is a t

Can coconut milk substitute for evaporated milk?

No, coconut milk and evaporated milk have very different consistencies. Evaporated milk is milk that has about 60% of the water removed which is why it is so thick. Coconut mi

How do you milk a coconut?

Take your coconut and stab three holes in the top then take your rubber glove and strech it around the three holes after that make sure that it won't come off use tape or glue

When cooking can coconut cream be substituted by coconut milk?

Yes. Coconut cream and coconut milk is made from fresh shredded coconuts that are than pressed to release the liquid. The only difference being coconut cream is the first pres

Can a can of coconut be substituted with bagged coconut?

By bagged coconut I presume you mean dried coconut, if that is the case then yes you can. If the recipe calls for creamed coconut then mix enough water with the dried coconut

If you are Allergic to coconut are you allergic to coconut milk?

Most likely not. Because I'm allergic to apples, yet, not allergic to apple juice. However, some of us have different reactions to things. Consult a doctor, or just try it you

How does coconut water get in d coconut?

The water from the coconut occurs naturally by the nutrients absorbed from the soil. The water is delicious and nutritious and can be a good energy drink. No wonder how did it