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Theoretically it MAY be possible, but in practicality probably very difficult.

In some states, (Florida being one example) the condo building(s) may be built on real estate on which the condominium association pays so-called 'ground rent' to the property owner for the privilege of occupying their land with the condominium. That is - the condo association 'rents' (leases) the property on which their building(s) is situated for a certain contract-negotiated cost. The provisions of that contract would have to be known in order to comment further.

The practical matter would come into play if the landowner DID attempt to foreclose and evict the condo tenants, all of whom own a share in their association. It is inconceivable that the courts would allow a wholesale mass eviction in such a scenario, and the matter (if it were to be forced) would probably consume LENGTHY legal action.
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