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Can convicted felons sell insurance?

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Can you buy life insurance if you are a convicted felon?

No a convicted felon still serving time or on probation can not. Depending on crime after probation is over then it's a possibility but it will be a substandard rate so the co

What is a convicted felon?

Someone who has plead guilty to or is found guilty of a felony. The judge then sentences the offender to a term of incarceration of more than one year duration. This term of i

Can a convicted felon do a will?

A convicted felon can, of course, write a will. Their property isn't forfeit after death, unless they owe some particular sum of money. They need to follow all the rules reg

Can a convicted felon get a license to sell insurance in Illinois?

The insurance regulatory authority of each state usually has a separate division that handles the licensing of agents and other insurance operatives. By statute and regulation

Can a convicted felon sell a gun to a pawn shop?

Most convicted felons are not allowed to possess a firearm, ordinarily. If his felony conviction is for a non-violent offense, like embezzelment, it may be okay. Ordinarily if

What can a convicted felon not do?

May not run for public office. Added: May not possess a firearm or explosives (federal law). ALSO: Although most states tend to treat convicted felons in a SOMEWHAT similar

Can you sell life insurance if you've been convicted of a felony?

  Answer     It depends on how long ago and did you serve jail time and if it was your first and only offence. If you are thinking of working for a company it's