Can digital antennas get reception when its raining?

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Yes, digital antennas can most definitely get reception when it is raining. Dish antennas are the ones with problems with inclemate weather such as snow wind and rain.
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How do you filter rf signals that distort television reception from a rooftop antenna?

Distortion in Antenna Signal Reception . There are a number of steps that you can take to prevent this distortion from occuring. But in order for you to know what to do, you should specify a few things, first: a) Do you have an antenna signal amplifier? b) Is it just one or two channels bein (MORE)

Why can't you get good phone reception when it rains?

ANSWER: . Even with cordless and cell phone technology, we still make every call on telephone wires made of copper. If you call your next door neighbor, the phone signal has to go to the central office of the phone company and be routed to the neighbours phone. This makes the signal run for miles (MORE)

What is best uhf antenna for tv reception?

Store bought. They have many different varieties. The best come with internal signal amplifiers. You can recognize these easily cause they usually cost more and have to be plugged in to a 120volt outlet. Be sure that the channels you want are all in the UHF band, some HD TV stations are still in the (MORE)

Is there a new law going into effect that will stop TV antenna reception?

The short answer is NO!! The law only states that all TV broadcasts in the US must be in DIGITAL format, not the current analog. Your old antennas will work, however you will need to have a digital tuner. If you google DTV transition you will find ways to get a coupon and where to find the tuners.

What is a spherical dish antenna required for satellite tv reception?

Answer . The parabolic antenna is really not an antenna at all - but a collector/reflector, which catches and concentrates RF (radio frequency) into a tiny antenna mounted above the dish, pointed into the dish.. Since satellites transmit at very high frequencies (microwave), the actual antenna c (MORE)

Why does radio reception improve when Touching an antenna?

"Because the signal flows through you. Sounds like you have a ground problem with your mp3 player or at your ground loop of your antenna." That's the obvious answer, or at least the first thing that comes to mind but it doesn't fully explain what's going on when you touch an antenna. I get the s (MORE)

Does digital broadcast tv have same reception range as analog?

Analog tv now uses mostly vhf-uhf frequencies for the standard network TV. UHF was added in the 60s for local urban TV signals with the addition of another tuner years ago. Any ham radio operator who has played with VHF 2 meters, or uhf , 450 mhz up, knows that UHF has significantly reduced range an (MORE)

In 2009 what happens to people with televisions who use antennas for reception?

You can still receive TV signals by antenna, but the signals can only be read by high definition receivers. "New" TVs, VCRs, Satellite boxes and Cable boxes will be labeled as HD ready, so they can translate high definition transmissions, but older, analog based TVs and VCRs will require an adaptor (MORE)

Would it be possible to tune the radio's antenna poor reception for 2002 XG350L where is the antenna?

I believe I read somewhere that the XG350/L antenna was embedded in the windsheild. Some aftermarket head units can boost the signal quality better than the stock radio, or there are "antenna boosters" that install on the antenna cable and are 12 VDC powered. I haven't tried a separate booster, so I (MORE)

Are indoor digital TV antennas directional?

Yes, but to a very limited extent. . The most common indoor antennas generally may have rabbit ears, discs, and dials. The rabbit ears, contrary to popular belief, get the best directional signal when they are laid flat with both sides sticking straight out, perpindicular on a plane parallel with (MORE)

How do you get digital reception by antenna with a digital TV?

I get a perfect picture on TV using an antenna. Can not get digital signal to come thru when using either a converter box or a new digital TV. I have following all the instructions carefully and can get no signal for digital. The antenna is new and hooked up correctly. Get perfect analog pictures. W (MORE)

Is a special antenna required for digital TV?

The short answer is maybe.. An antenna captures signals which are at a frequency the antenna was tuned for.. New Digital signals are being broadcast in the same channel spaces as were previously assigned to television stations but because many were broadcasting both old and new, their digital sign (MORE)

Will a simple Dipole antenna pickup digital TV?

From what I have researched and discovered your normal antenna that you have should suffice in picking up the digital signal. Mine at home is working fine with it. Just be careful because the stores are going to try and say you need to get a new antenna when in reality there is not a single differen (MORE)

Do you need a digital antenna for a digital tv with a digital tuner?

No. In fact, there really is no such thing as a "digital" antenna. \n. \nCompanies that make TV antennas put things like "HD ready" or "Digital TV ready" as a marketing scheme to get consumers to upgrade or replace their existing TV antennas.\n. \nThe truth is this: There is no difference betwe (MORE)

Can old satellite dish be used as digital antenna?

No - It can't be a Digital TV antenna - it's the wrong size, wrong shape. Most digital tv is UHF - it needs a little loop like from a coat hanger. Some digital tv is VHF - but you still can't use an old satellite dish. Not gonna happen.

Will a rooftop antenna work with a digital converter box?

Short answer: Yes! Longer answer: Digital TV and Analog TV share much in common; they are both radio signals, and in the same bands -- in fact the channel number assignments for the physical channels are identical. Your rooftop antenna picks up the radio signal no matter what is encoded on it. It i (MORE)

How can you improve your reception with a digital TV antenna?

To receive digital TV signals from all stations, it is important that your antenna be able to receive both VHF channels (channels 2-13) and UHF channels (channels 14-51). Some antennas only provide good reception of VHF or UHF channels, but not both. For example, indoor "rabbit ears" usually need to (MORE)

Why is digital television reception worse than analog?

In digital there is a signal threshold below which dropout (pixelation) occurs. When an analogue signal degrades the picture just gets 'snowy'. However, digital reception which is running alongside analogue is at quite a low level to prevent interference with the analogue channels and appears more s (MORE)

What is the best digital antenna?

Amplified antennas or antennas with amplifiers are usually the best choices for DTVs.. The digital antennas RCA ANT751 and RCA ANT800 receive good reviews . The Channel Master digital antenna CM-3020 is also highly rated as good antenna.

Do you need a digital antenna using a digital converter box?

All antennas are the same as far as receiving a signal. There are some antennas built for converter boxes that have a rotor (to better aim the antenna) and built in amplifier to boost the signal coming down the coax cable (something I strongly recommend) and use a special cable to connect to the con (MORE)

How do I convert analog tv antenna to a digital antenna?

The antenna can't tell if it is receiving analog or digital. They are the same. However, some antennae are 'banded' to receive a group of channels and reject others. A high band antenna in a weak signal area may not receive the low band digital channels with sufficient strength to 'lock'.

Do you need any antenna for a tv with a digital tuner?

All TV sets need a signal input of some type. If you are using Cable TV than you have no need for an antenna in addition. If you don't use Cable, then you'll need an antenna of some time, either a Satellite TV antenna, or to pick up broadcast TV stations, roof top antenna or rabbit ears might be all (MORE)

Does a HDTV need a tuner to play off a digital antenna?

All televisions need a tuner to receive digital signals but almost all modern televisions have an integrated tuner. By linking the antenna feed into the RF input of the television, you should have a complete system without needing an external tuner. This should be the case for almost all televisions (MORE)

What is a digital antenna?

A digital antenna is a device that allows the user to receive digital television signals from varying distances, depending on where they live. There are three main varieties of basic indoor antennas that will allow the user with a strong television signal to receive digital signals. These are the UH (MORE)

How does a digital antenna differ from a regualr antenna?

A digital antenna offers a clearer sound and signal than a regular antenna. There is no interference or static. However, while an analog antenna can get the signal through a hill, the digital antenna must be able to see the broadcast tower. ******************************************************** (MORE)

What are the benefits of having a digital antenna?

There are several advantages to having a digital antenna versus a dish antenna etc. With a digital antenna you don't have to worry about you signal fading in and out when you experience bad weather. Its a constant feed through a cable instead of rays bouncing from one satellite to the next.

If you have digital television do you need a Digital TV antenna?

No you don't, if you have a good reception with your analogue antenna you can connect it to your Digital TV and it will allow you to see digital channels including HDTV. There is a trend by manufacturers to add 'digital' in front of devices in order to sell them. There is nothing 'digital' about an (MORE)

What are digital tv antennas used for?

The digital TV antennas were made when the analog satellites for TVs went to a Digital satellite. With a converter box and the digital antennas it still makes it possible to use TV that still use the old rabbit ears.

What is the best digital tv antenna on the market?

The best digital tv antenna usually depends on where one lives and whether one lives in a house or an apartment building. Some of the antennas usually offered are Antennas Direct DB2, Channel Master 4220HD, and Eagle Aspen DTV2BUHF

How do you keep tv satellite reception in rain?

Make a template of the rim circumference. Measure the length of the receiver to the deepest part of the dish. Obtain a piece of clear ultraviolet resistant plastic and make a template large enough to include the receiver and circumference of the dish and add about one inch to the outer edge. Obtain (MORE)

What you need to get good reception on the antenna channels?

Snow is the unwanted noise in the TV signal. To overcome this you need a stronger signal from the transmitters. Increase the height of the TV antenna above the ground, use a larger high gain antenna and use a amplifier at the antenna with new high grade coaxial lead in wire. Be sure the antenna (MORE)

Is there any sort of interior antenna system that could enable GPS signal reception?

GPS works exclusively with the signals it receives from satellites.If it can't receive signals from the GPS satellites, then it doesn't work. Infact, to be completely accurate and truthful about it, a hand-held receiverconnected to an antenna somewhere else doesn't truly tell you where thereceiver i (MORE)

What is a good antenna to use at home to receive TV reception?

If you live close enough to the transmitters and you are in the line of sight (LOS) or just beyond. A POWERED rabbit ear type might be right. There are so many variables in this question that much more information is needed to give a more defined answer.

What shops sell digital TV antennae?

You may find digital TV antennae at any retailers that sell TV sets.There are also many sites on line that sell antenna also, this is the best answer I can give on this question. I wish you luck.