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Can doctor pepper shrink your penis?

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Yes, Coca-Cola makes them bigger, Iron bru makes your pubes ginger too
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Can your penis shrink?

Yes it can. It can shrink a small amount with age, and it will temporarily shrink when the body is cold. The whole reason the penis and the testicles are located outside the b

How do you shrink your penis?

No possible solution, however, if you're in the right position you can curl your penis to make it look smaller to the eye. You should talk with you medical doctor if this i

How do you shrink a penis?

get it cold and it will shrink back.

What shrinks your penis?

Cold water, non sexual thoughts along with other things. Also afterejaculation the penis shrinks.

What if your penis shrinks?

It's known to do some shrinkage in cold water but other then that it shouldn't. See a doctor if you are worried.

Who was the man in Doctor Who who made the Doctor shrink?

The Master. He was the only other timelord left alive in the whole of time and space, because Gallifrey and its inhabitants is stuck in a timelock, which basically means it's