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Can doctor pepper shrink your penis?

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Yes, Coca-Cola makes them bigger, Iron bru makes your pubes ginger too
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Can protein shakes shrink your penis?

Just a second, I will look.  Nope, they do not cause shrinkage.  I have been drinking 3-4 per day, for more than 10 years.

Can your penis shrink?

Yes it can. It can shrink a small amount with age, and it will temporarily shrink when the body is cold. The whole reason the penis and the testicles are located outside the b

Will Ritalin shrink your penis?

temporarily causes chrinkage from vasoconstriction but not permanently its uncomfortable when it happens though

Does speed shrink your penis?

Yes it causes the blood vessels in the penis to contract causing shrinkage that can sometimes be permanent after certain amounts of exposure. It also makes it harder to mainta

Does low testosterone shrink your penis?

It makes not it shrink, but on the other hand it isn't able to grow bigger on a low testosterone level. Less than 280 ng/dl .

Can your penis shrink from a blow job?

No it can not.