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Can doctor pepper shrink your penis?

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Yes, Coca-Cola makes them bigger, Iron bru makes your pubes ginger too
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Does cold water shrink your penis?

Yes because when your penis gets cold it shrinks closer to your body for warmth. No i am not joking this is also the same for your testicles.

Will smoking cause your penis to shrink?

  No, but if you are a smoker, and if you smoke for a long time you will see that your erections will not be the same. When you will have an erection your penis wil not be

Does your penis shrink by jacking off?

No. Masturbating or not masturbating will have no effect what-so-ever on the length of your penis. The penis is not a muscle so "exercise" will not effect it

Is it possible for your penis to shrink?

People carry weight over the pubic bone. The more weight they put on, the more fat over the pubic area. In the case of a guy the fat is at the base of the penis so the penis a

Does Prozac shrink your penis?

Well im sorry im not a professional or anything but i take prozac and i have noticed it makes it harder to get an erection, and it is a lot smaller then when i am off, i read

Can your penis shrink?

Yes it can. It can shrink a small amount with age, and it will temporarily shrink when the body is cold. The whole reason the penis and the testicles are located outside the b

Does your penis shrink after you die?

Yes. It decomposes completely, since there are no bones in penises.