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Yes, Flat BEEF Rib bones are fine for dogs. Preferrably unccoked, as the cooking process weakens the bones and can cause it to splinter easier.

If you look at ANY pet store, they sell COOKED "Flat" rib bones for dogs. of course, again you have to take the dogs size into hand.

If you have a large breed dog, I personally would not recommend giving him Smaller "Baby Back" Rib Bones, but if it is a medium or smaller dog it should be fine.

As with any Bone though, there is a pottential for splintering or sharding, and that can cause problems if not attended to quickly by a Veterenarian.

Best advise is, ask your Veterenarian what they suggest for Your Breed of canine.

Have you been kissed by a dog today? If not, then perhaps you need to be! LOL
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Can dogs eat beef bones?

It's not good to give dogs any kind of cooked bones because they can splinter and lodge in their neck. Only give them raw bones (beef or any other).

Can dogs eat rib bones?

no they shouldn't it can cause internal damage and can choke them or can block them up somewhere you should call a vet. your dog could be fine though.

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I have never in my life or apparently in my gramma's born in the 20's heard pork or beef bones were bad only Chicken and other bird bones as they can splinter easily. I'm not

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Yes and no. Definitely not cooked. Raw - with meat on the bones. Smaller dogs may not have the jaw strength to chew and consume the entire bone so remove the bone if it looks

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No. Never give a dog cooked bones. Cooked bones are brittle and splinter easily. Raw bones are much softer and safer for a dog to chew, but make sure they eat it slowly so the

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Dogs will continue to play with and nibble on bones off and on until the bones usefullness expires. This is when the bone starts to splinter or shatters and your dog tries to

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