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Can employer stop unemployment benefits once started?

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Tha state controls unemployment, not employers.
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Once men start having sex can they stop?

Yes, men can stop after they start, and do so for a variety of reasons. Any number of outside influences can cause a man to need to stop, regardless of his state of arousal (e

Can you claim unemployment benefits if your employer has drastically reduced your hours?

Yes. Virginia, like most states, has a provision for workers who had a large reduction in normal working hours where the worker can receive partial unemployment benefits. Week

What president started unemployment benefits?

Franklin D. Roosevelt implemented the unemployment system in response to poor economic conditions and joblessness during the "Great Depression".

Is it true that in the calculation of nation's unemployment rate un-employees who stopped receiving unemployment benefits are not counted?

This is true, so the rate being thrown around is very misleading. This was made a big "talking point" in the 80s when they were also trying to downplay the recession, but I am

If you are receiving unemployment benefits and then start receiving Social Security Disability Benefits can you still collect unemployment?

The reasoning behind the Disability Benefits program, is to grant a monthly check to those people who are "no longer able" to perform the duties required to hold their job, or

What is the impact of technology on unemployment and employment?

Thanks to technology, people without a job can find online jobs.  Many companies prefer to use telecommuting. This helps them save  money because they donâ??t need to pay f

Why did my employer deny me unemployment benefits?

The state agency responsible for administering unemployment benefits determines eligibility based upon facts obtained regarding the separation, not the employer.

How soon do your unemployment benefits stop after getting a job?

If your job is full time, your benefits stop immediately. This is why it's important to always keep the employment security office up to date on your status, to prevent over-p

Once foreclosure has been started can it be stopped?

Yes, by paying all the money you own and the bank's costs up to that point. In a few states, you have a statutory period of time even after the sale during which you can recla

Can employer prevent you from getting unemployment?

Absolutely! If you were terminated for any justifiable cause, it is possible for your employer to explain why you should not get this money. It is actually the responsibility

Can unemployment benefits and severance from an employer be collected at the same time in NY state?

  I did. I received lump sum severance and collected unemployment in NYC. Of course, the regular one week waiting period for unemployment still goes so make sure to apply

Do employers pay into unemployment in Pennsylvania?

Employers pay a percentage of the first $8000 of an employee's pay. The percentage is based on the company's claims record and on the state's record of employment, depending o