Can ex reserves join usaa?

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USAA, the bank and insurance company? Yes - you don't have to be a service member to be a USAA member. As a civilian, you won't be eligible for the incentives they offer to service members, however.
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Can bankruptcy hinder you in joining the navy reserves?

Bankruptcy won't hinder your enlistment, but COULD limit what you do in the Navy, since credit history is one of the elements of security clearance investigations. How long ag

Weight limit to join navy reserve?

Your weight limit depends entirely on your current height and body fat level. You can view the chart at,13898,rec

What is the sign-on bonus for joining the Navy Reserves?

It's different for each rate/rank, and whether or not you have any prior service, degree, etc., or not. Though the different rates are posted on the Naval Reserve website, the

Who can join usaa?

You should call (800) 531-8722 to get the definitive answer however if you've honorably served, then you should be able to join. Immediate family members (top down from the mi
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How do you join the inactive ready reserve?

You don't enlist directly into the Individual Ready Reserve. When you enlist into the military, you commit to an eight year obligation. Let's say you do a four year active dut

Why do people join the police reserves?

Most (but not all) police reserve organizations are filled with non-paid volunteers who are mobilized, or perform periodic duty, assisting the sworn police with manpower. Many