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Who discovered Psoriasis?

Scaly skin has been identified as a medical disorder since the ancient Greeks, but it wasn't until 1841 that Psoriasis was "discovered" and named by Austrian dermatologist Fer

Does ganoderma help people with sickle cell?

Yes, I can honestly say that it has helped my 2 duaghters ages 9 and 17 who have this disease. It has improved with circulation and their immune systems. I am very happy with

Is ganoderma good for pregnant lady?

When a daughter becomes pregnant, her parents may wonder if it is safe to give her Ganoderma Lucidum. The expectant mother may become moody, especially for the first pregnancy

What does psoriasis do?

The most common sign of psoriasis is a psoriasis plaque, a raised,  red skin patch covered by a silvery-white coating. Eight out of 10  people with psoriasis have plaques. T

What does ganoderma do?

Herbalists consider ganoderma an adaptogen, or natural regulator, suppressing the immune system if it is overactive and boosting it if it is underactive.

How do you get psoriasis?

If one member of your family had psoriasis or still has then it is very probably to "get" psoriasis some day too. Actually, a person doesn't get psoriasis because it is writte

Are there any negative effects of Ganoderma coffee?

  No, there are not any side effects of Gano coffee. Not unless you are have allergric reactions to mushrooms.

Can ganoderma cure schizophrenia?

Sorry, I mentioned schizophrenia, I meant schizophrenic in the first use of the word.

Can ganoderma help depression?

No, using herbal remedies will not cure depression. You need to see a doctor for medication and not try to self-medicate because you could make your depression worse.

Is there any permanent cure for psoriasis in homeopathy?

A:   Homeopathy can support the healing process of many skin ailments.  Because Psoriasis is a long term condition and suggests an  imbalance in the body, an integrative

Can a pregnant person take ganoderma?

YES! U can! I highly recommend pregnant women take Ganoderma while pregnant.

Can homeopathy permanently cure psoriasis?

Homeopathy can cure psoriasis permanently and it is the available best treatment in the world. All other tretments have only a temperary solution and they cannot guarantee the

Does blue star ointment cure psoriasis?

Acutally there's isn't a real cure to Psoriasis. Blue star doe's keep the itch down a tad however it doesn't cure. If you want something more affective with psoriasis try "Pso

Somebody use cream Psoral for cure psoriasis?

Hi I know this cream rfom our local pharma store,   they have a website http://www.psoral.net   Try herbs. See related links

How can you cure your scalp psoriasis?

Your doctor can help determine the best treatment options based on how severe your scalp psoriasis is. They may recommend some medications such as Keratolytics, coal tar, cort