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Can ganoderma help depression?

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No, using herbal remedies will not cure depression. You need to see a doctor for medication and not try to self-medicate because you could make your depression worse.
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Can marijuana help depression?

marihuana doesnt make you depressed. it makes you relax and forget bout your worries. HARD DRUGS make you depressed. like Cocaïne,. .. so the answer is YES it is very good

Does marajana help with depression?

There is a mistaken belief that drugs like marijuana will help to alleviate depression, but, much like excessive alcohol, it makes it worse. The relaxing effect at the time mi

Does ganoderma help people with sickle cell?

Yes, I can honestly say that it has helped my 2 duaghters ages 9 and 17 who have this disease. It has improved with circulation and their immune systems. I am very happy with

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Hitler promised work and said he would fix all of their problems  and raise Germany back to it's former glory. The people believed he  would do this and as he fixed the soci

How do you help your wife with depression?

\n. My wife has depression and I can tell you there are different stages of depression , however, have a physician give her a questionnaire as to her severity of depression b

Does marijuana help depression and anxiety?

to an extent. When smoking, one is not often depressed or anxious-- though, hat is not to say that it helps those problems. Marijuana's active chemical, THC, affects Serot

Does Adderall help with PTSD depression and anxiety?

^^ Im a 24 male who got out of the military about a year ago and went to school about 6 months later...I have alot of combat PTSD and a personal trauma that I have been dealin

What does ganoderma do?

Herbalists consider ganoderma an adaptogen, or natural regulator, suppressing the immune system if it is overactive and boosting it if it is underactive.

How did jazz help the Great Depression?

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How can psychiatrist help a depressed person?

They can give them advice and help talk about their problems and help them to know why they have depression, how to deal with it, what to do if considering suicide and all typ

How does MAOI help treat depression?

MAOI (mono-amine oxidase inhibiters) operate as follows. Many of the brain neurotransmitters are mono-amines. Sometimes when their levels get low it causes depression. There i