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Can i use vaseline while pregnancy?

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can i use vaseline while pregnancy
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What are baby oil and vaseline used for?

For baby:    Moisturizes baby's delicate skin and helps protect from  dryness  Pure mineral oil forms a silky barrier to help prevent excess  moisture loss  Great fo

Can you use vaseline as a lubricant?

yes, vaselin works perfectly. But i would recommend using lisenced lubricants, that u can buy in for exampel sex-shops and so on. You can also use baby-oil, works perfectly fo

What are the uses of vaseline?

There are multiple uses for Vaseline. It can be used as a  moisturizer on the body, to soothe chapped lips, as a makeup  remover, remove a stuck ring, tame unruly eyebrows,

Is it safe to use vaseline during pregnancy?

If you are concerned please read the reports about cosmetics and pregnancy at the "cosmetics database" See link You should consider removing all exposure to petrochemicals d

Can you use vaseline to stretch your ears?

DO NOT USE VASELINE TO STRECH YOUR EARS!! When stretching your ears, use the following for best results: -Vitamin E oil -Jojoba Oil -Berts Bees Wax: Res Q Ointment -Holey Bu

Can you use vaseline for an infected toe?

You can use anything on an infected toe, however if you want to improve the state of the toe apply something recommended by someone with medical qualifications.

Can you use vaseline on face?

You can - but be careful. If you are planning to leave it on  your face for several hours it can clog your pores. Your pores  should be able to breathe.  Hope this helps.