Can kids play Pokemon GO?

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Absolutely they can. If the kids are too little, you might want to have them use the GO Plus device while an older person handles the smartphone, but even young kids can participate in finding and catching Pokemon with family.
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What is going on when you play Pokemon 100 hours?

I've heard rumors that if you play Pokemon for 300 hours or more, all the memory will be lost. But my friend has played that long and nothing has happened to him, so it's just fake (000.001% chance it will do this).

On Pokemon emerald how long do you have to play to go into space?

\ntalk to the man at the space centre, he will say that there has been 67 launches or sumfin like that. u have to get a latios/latias and rain it to level 67. IT HAS TO BE EXACTLY 67. put it first in ur party, and talk to him again. he will say something like- the space ship is taking off, if you hu (MORE)

Is Pokemon for kids?

Pokemon is for everyone the ages range from 9 to 99 but 9 because if they can't read it properly then its pretty much a waste!

Where can you go to play Pokemon online games on the internet?

You can either play the pokemon online trading card game from or play the actual games from the systems. Do an online search for an emulator for the video game system you want and download it. You can then download the pokemon game you want for that system, and play it! If you need any (MORE)

Can kids go out?

yeah anyone can go out with anyone if they want...i heard theres these 7 year olds who were going out...shocker, i know. You should not be going out if you re 7 you should hate people of the opposite sex from when you are 1 till you are 10

What did the kids play with?

Well the Nazi children played with G.I. JEWS and the Americans played with firecrackers and be-be guns. The Russians...well they just took a whiskey bottle and they were fine. But the Japanese they played with katanas and little boats with some planes rigged with I.E.Ds (Improvised Explosive Device) (MORE)

Should you discourage your kids from playing Pokemon?

Excessively yes, as they should get out and play in the mud and do other things as well. In support of playing pokemon; however, you'd be surprised at how it can aid their cognitive development since it will require them to utilise skills such as mathematics, spatial awareness, fine motor skills and (MORE)

When i go to the casino in veilstone Pokemon Platinum why cant i play on the games there?

If you don't have a coin case, there is a clown near the Gym where a clown will give you one. If you have a case, you may not have coins. Buy them at the counter. Oh and middle slots, two from top pays out the most. Well that up there and the machines are censored so they won't work for you on (MORE)

Is imvu to play and can kids play it?

It is to play but kids under 18 are not supposed to be playing it. I think its a pretty grown up game to me.hi I'm yorgart if you're wondering it's a lovely game :) and you'll enjoy it then fine no regrets lol but please stay safe and also when you're making a account just say you're over 13 :) but (MORE)

What can kids play?

Im only 13. But i babysit my neighbors. They come over my house 3 times a week. It works out because my brother (8 yrs) gets along good with one one of the kids that come (also 8 yrs) The other kid is a girl (6 yrs) shes attached to me. so it can get a little out of control having 3 kids running aro (MORE)

Where do you go to play kid pix?

just look it up on google but the sad part is that you will probably just have to download it........and if u don't wanna do that well, good luck

Who is going to get the kids?

Currently they share custody. The kids stay in the same house and Jon and Kate take turns living with the kids. I don't know the exact schedule.

Is Pokemon not just for kids?

It is for everybody regardless of age. My brother and I still play and he's 23 and I'm in high school. A lot of my friends still play too.

Pokemon isn't really for kids?

Pokemon is a family show rather than a kids show. Pokemon is definitely NOT for little kids. Pokemon is meant for general audience. I know some kids my age that still love Pokemon. I'm almost an adult, and I'm still watching Pokemon. I still love Pokemon no matter how old I get.

Pokemon is not for little kids?

Pokemon is for anyone regardless of age. Pokemon is family show. I'm 16, I still watch Pokemon. I'll always love Pokemon, even when I'm an adult. Pokemon is meant for general audience. I like the Pokemon Indigo League better than Diamond and Pearl. I know some teenagers and adults that still (MORE)

Pokemon is not a kids show?

In Japan no, In fact its called Pocket Monsters in Japan, also theres alot of blood, language, and sexual themes in Japan. But everywhere else yes.

Is Pokemon not just for young kids?

Anyone who enjoys collectible games or role-playing games can get into Pokemon if they give it a chance. Most of the people I know personally who enjoy the Pokemon franchise of games are above the age of 20, and some of them are in their 30s. If you're talking about the cartoon, I would say yes, bu (MORE)

Does play have kids?

Kids can many opportunities or sources for playing like: games, play centres and many other entertaining events.

Is Pokemon for kids 8-10?

it depends what aspect you mean. the TV show, yes. the card game mostly, but older people play too The games, are fun for eight year olds, but seem to become more in depth the older you get, and so kan remain fun for years, even after completing the game. the cards and games are better if you have (MORE)

What are plays for kids?

There are many games for kids for their playing in which hide and seek, cricket, video games and many other playing sources are available in play land and kid play center.

What website do you have to go to to play Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red are both games for the Game Boy Advance and can also be played on the Nintendo DS or DS Lite. These are the real games, all for handheld gaming systems, and not the computer, though there are probably many flash games riddled with viruses on the internet.

Is Pokemon a bad game for kids?

No. Pokémon is actually a good game for kids. For starters, it's a strategy game that's simple enough for kids to understand. Some very strong Christians are offended by it because it contains the word evolution. However, Pokémon don't evolve in the same sense that Darwin's theory states. They (MORE)

How old do you have to be to play Pokemon GO?

You must be 13 years or older to agree to the Terms of Use.Otherwise your parent or guardian will be accepting the legalresponsibility. So with that being said, anyone can play, as longas you have a consenting legal guardian.

How many people have played Pokemon GO?

According to a Recode article from 13 July 2016, in the US alone,there are an estimated 9.55 million total daily users of PokémonGO. This number is increasing quickly, and global numbers areskyrocketing as it is systematically being introduced in morecountries.

How many have died playing Pokemon go?

As of 14 July 2016, none so far. Though there have been a number ofcar accidents and robberies related to Pokémon GO, as well as ateenage girl stumbling across a dead body. All reports of PokémonGO related deaths have been hoaxes so far.

Did somebody die playing Pokemon GO?

As of 14 July 2016, nobody so far. Though there have been a numberof car accidents and robberies related to Pokémon GO, as well as ateenage girl stumbling across a dead body. All reports of PokémonGO related deaths have been hoaxes so far.

How do you play Pokemon GO?

You basically throw Pokeballs at Pokemon to collect them, and themore you do that, the more you level up and are able to get betterPokemon and better Pokeballs. You can also evolve your Pokemon the more you catch the same type,and you can battle at local gyms to take them over for your team.There a (MORE)

What is the cheapest phone you can buy that is good enough to play Pokemon GO?

We looked through several sites for the answer to this, and thebest one that we can find is one that tested. It wasa Oukitel K4000, which they got for less than $100 on eBay. PokemonGO seems to play really well on it, and it is very durable with alot of other cool features, like a repl (MORE)