Can my homeowners insurance refuse to cover my fiance for loss or liability on the home we jointly own because he is not related to me and make me buy renters insurance for him in NJ?

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Laws may be a little different in the Armpit of America but in the communist state of MA as long as you jointly own the home then you would be jointly covered on the home policy. If so then they cannot refuse your claim. If he is not joint owner he would have to get a separate tenants policy. The solution? You own everything excpet for mens clothing.
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Does home owners insurance cover renters losses?

No. A renters policy would cover a renters loss, Not the Home owner. Actually a homeowners form HO-4 is for renters. It provides similar coverage to a "normal" homeowners p

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NO, of course not. It is not possible to liable to ones self. Your homeowners Liability coverage will pay the cost of defending you in court if someone brings a suit agains

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Most insurance companies will not offer you coverage at all. There are a few companies that will give you a regular homeowners policy if you sign an exclusion for animal liabi

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No. First, if you are renting the home, you cannot insure it under a homeowners policy. If the home is not owner occupied for 90 days coverage ceases immediately. You must hav

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Your home renters insurance will cover you for loss or damage to the property which you own and which is kept within your rental property. Any damage to the actual structure