Can non Blu-ray movies be played in a Blu-ray player?

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Yes, regular DVD's can be played in blu-ray players.
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Do you have to play a Blu-Ray DVD on a Blu-Ray player?

All Blu-Ray players feature backward compatibility with DVD's,which means that you can play a standard DVD in a Blu-Ray player. However, the reverse is not true. You cannot play a Blu-ray disc ina standard DVD player.

Can Blu-ray dvds be played on non-Blu-ray DVD players or do you need a Blu-ray DVD player?

The answer to this is no. Blu-ray may only be played by Blu-ray players due to the fact that Blu-ray DVDs were made with blue and violet rays, hence the name blu-ray, and can only read using those Blue and rays. Absolutely. All discs of every type can be read on all disc reading machines. In a short (MORE)

How do you play Blu-ray on non hdcp compliant tv?

To watch a commercial Bluray disc in high definition, an HD television is needed with HDCP capability. Some older HD televisions do not have the copy protection system and many Bluray players will not operate with them. Almost all Bluray players have an analog, standard definition output that can b (MORE)

What is the difference of a DVD movie that is a Blu-ray or the regular DVD tht is not a Blu-ray and do each of them play on a regular DVD player?

Blu-ray has finally won the high definition format war, but that is just the beginning. There is a lot of confusion out there among the general public about the difference between DVD and Blu-ray discs. Although Blu-ray discs look exactly the same as DVDs in size and shape there are many differences (MORE)

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Can you play DVDs on your Blu-ray Player?

You can watch your dvd in your blu-ray player, but you can't watch blu-ray in your dvd player... sent by Macymouse Yes they can, they convert it to HD on the screen

Why will Blu-ray player play DVD but not blu-ray?

It sounds like your player may be having some issues. Try these steps to fix it: 1. Unplug your Blu-ray player for 5 minutes, then plug it back in and try again. 2. Call the manufacturer of the player to ensure you have the latest updates. 3. Call the manufacturer of the player for service.

How do you keep your Blu-ray player from stopping Blu-ray movies?

I've already updated the blu ray player. When it plays updated blu ray movies it stops randomly during the movie and freezes up. The only thing I can do is turn it off, and turn it back on and try to find where I was at in the movie in scene selections. It will stop about 4-5 times during a movie. I (MORE)

Can british Blu-rays play on American Blu-ray players?

No they can't. Most commercial discs have a region code and players will check the region before playing. If the region code is not the same as the player, it simply won't play. This is a commercial restriction rather than technical and is implemented to prevent discs being traded outside their own (MORE)

How do you make Blu-ray player stream movies?

Not only does the Blu-Ray player have to have WiFi, but it has to be enabled to stream movies. The place to find out whether or not it does would be the owner's manual or the item description

Can you burn blu ray torrent movies to a regular not blu ray dual layer DVD and watch it on a blu ray player?

If you just want burn downloaded blu ray movies to a DVD disc as data DVD without convert, you can keep the blu ray video quality, but you can't play the burned data DVD on DVD player, only play it on computer. Or if you want to play the burned DVD on regular DVD player, you have to convert and b (MORE)

Can you only play Blu-ray movies on a ps3?

You can play Blu-Ray Movies only on a Blue Ray Player and the PS3 is also a Blue-ray player along with a game console. All Blue-ray Players will also play DVDs and CDs and many like the PS3 will upscale them to near 1080P quality if set up to play Blue ray discs in 1080P. My PS3 plays DVDs so much b (MORE)

Does playstation 3 play Blu-ray movies?

Yes it is one of it's features and it also plays DVDs and upgrades them to the level of your HDTV and Connection. Of course nothing can play a Disc in 1080 P if your HDTV and Connection are set up for 480I or 720p. That means if you have a 1080P HDTV connected with an HDMI cable you can play blue ra (MORE)

Can a PAL Region 0 Blu-ray play on American Blu-ray players?

The region free disc works with any Blu-ray player. As explainedbelow: Region A: U.S., Japan, Latin America, East Asia (except China). Region B: Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand Region C: China, Russia, India, remaining countries. However, despite the provisions for Blu-ray Disc regio (MORE)

Can you play DVD on a Blu-ray player?

Yes, you can. Generally, Blu-rayPLayer could support DVD, BUT Dvd player couldn't support Blu-rayPlayer. Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player which is a good example.

Does your DVD player play Blu-ray?

No. Blu-Ray discs will only work in a Blu-Ray player. But DVDs can play in a Blu-Ray player. Blu-Rays are far more advanced in technology than DVDs and DVD players don't have the right type of laser to read Blu-Rays.

Can you play Blu-ray movies on your HDTV?

The HDTV needs to be a 1080 P model for full Bluray and the HDTV needs to be connected to a PS3 or Bluray disc player with a HDMI cable. You need a Blu-ray player or laptop to connect your HDTV. You can try Mac Blu-ray Player which can play all the video & audio formats on Mac OS X and Windows (MORE)

Why will Blu ray player play DVD but not blu ray?

It is quite likely that the Bluray player is faulty. A badly aligned laser may still be able to read the larger DVD tracks but not the much finer tracks on a Bluray disc. Try some different Bluray discs. If none of them work, it might be time to get the player repaired or replaced.

Can you watch a non Blu-ray dvd in a Blu-ray DVD player?

Usually yes, not because "blu-ray" players are inherently capable of reading standard DVDs, but because the manufacturer has included standard DVD reading hardware in addition to the "blu-ray" hardware. The reason for this is the perception that most people would be much less interested in buyi (MORE)

Can you pay a Blu-ray player in a non-HD TV?

Yes you can but with a limitation. Bluray players almost all have a composite video output and audio outputs, normally found as a yellow, red and black RCA connector or perhaps a SCART connector in Europe. Although the player will send a signal to this output, it is only standard definition so you (MORE)

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