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As of 2016, it still depends on local law. In 29 U.S. states, there are school districts who have the legal right to fire teachers for being gay.
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I am currently in school majoring in Elementary Education and I have had gay teachers and coaches for that matter. Gays and lesbians do not get this degree so that they can prey on children, which is what some Christian, straight people think. I find that to be very sick!
I think it is sick that a Christian would think that of another person. I have never heard of a gay or lesbian child molester. It has always been a straight married man/woman or a straight man period. Plus, what about those so called "hot" female teachers who prey on young boys? That is sick too!

Why is it, that so many "good" straight people think gays and lesbians are the perverts or deviants when clearly it is their own kind? I guess that is a way to take the focus off of them. They use the bible to hide behind too. Being a gay or lesbian is never a choice or a decision that one has to sit and think about making. This is how they are born into this world by straight parents who raised them in a straight world. Nobody can be influenced to be a gay or lesbian. They have the same dreams and goals as anyone else in this world. To have a good job that they are happy with, have partner and a family of their own, own a small home and have a happy life. Is that to much to ask for?

Why do they always have to be targeted with such hateful behaviors that hurt them and their families? What happened to live and let live? People need to start focusing on more important matters at hand like the state of our economy, the homeless and foster children, and most of all our education system. Gays and lesbians are always forced to be in the closet, when closet are for clothes, not people and their lives. How would straight people feel if they were forced to live a lie all the time or always hide who they are? I think they would feel just as bad as many gays and lesbians do. I will never ever expect that from anyone.

I find it to be a horrible way to treat other human beings. Answer Yes, two gay teachers teach at my school and it doesn't matter whether they are gay or not just as long as they get the job done in the best way possible. Answer A person's sexuality should not influence whether or not that person has the ability to teach. Students are taught by a wide range of Professors - of different nationalities and creeds. A person who is there to teach you a subject in school is not there to teach you the ways of being gay. Students, with very young spirits and unchallenged minds, are sometimes easily influenced, and at others quite 'hard headed'.

Yet I do not believe anyone can be 'influenced' to 'be' gay. It is a decision, and if a person is at a an age of which he/she chooses such a lifestyle -it is a sole decision. If a gay teacher pursues and wishes for a student to become gay that is a different story. He/She is crossing the Teacher/Student boundary. However, being gay does not suggest that one can not do his/her job of teaching.

An openly gay teacher can teach math or science or English just as well (or badly even) as an openly straight teacher. Just as a straight teacher is not likely to be preying on their opposite gender students (though a few do) the fact a teacher is gay is no indication they're any more likely to do so with their same gender students. Being gay, especially if open about it, is no more a problem for a teacher than any other trait.

Well, almost. One BIG problem they face is the fear and prejudice of parent who choose to think being gay means uncontrolled sexual depravity and that their son or daughter must not be in the vicinity of the teacher. Their often openly hostile views and desire to cause all manner of trouble for the (otherwise just as qualified as any other) teacher can be seen as a very negative influence on the class and the morale of the school.

Still, it doesn't change the fact the gay teacher is just as likely to be a good teacher as any other in the school. In fact, they may bring a little more to their class in the way of showing and instilling compassion, openness to other views and fighting for the "underdog". But then any good teacher would do that too.
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