What would happen to lakes and rivers if ice did not float?

Answer 1 . The ice would sink, and, particularly in the higher latitudes, the sinking ice would allow more ice to form in winter. Eventually, the northern and southern oce (MORE)

Can you boat from the Atlantic to the Caribbean through rivers and the great lakes?

No. You can, however, boat from the Atlantic to the Caribbean through the Atlantic . The two merge seamlessly into each other. You could go through the St. Lawrence Seaway f (MORE)

Who designed the first paddle boat?

I think you may mean paddle steamer as any boat that uses a paddle (like a canoe) would qualify as a paddle boat and that would not be specifically answerable.. The Palmipà (MORE)

How safe are paddle boats on lakes?

Paddle boats are very safe on lakes as long as the current and waves are not too extremely high. However, paddle boats should not be taken out on any body of water where ther (MORE)