Can particle wood sub floor be repaired and can tile be put on this floor?

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The best way to repair particle board sub-flooring is to cut out the bad spot and replace with new board.
You can only use vinyl and self stick tile over particle board. Ceramic tile cannot because the moisture in the thin-sets will break down the particle board.
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What kind of sub floor do you put in a concrete basement floor?

It would depend on the type of floor you are installing. There haven't been enough details about the project provided to answer this question thoroughly. If you are install

How can you place Vinyl floor tiles directly on the sub floor?

Usually. Most peel-and-stick vinyl tiles have a decent glue and will adhere to a clean and relatively smooth subfloor. Make sure it is not OSB or particle board subfloor as pe

Can you put ceramic tiles on a wood floor in the bathroom?

Most houses have a plywood floor 5/8" You need the floor to be 1" thick minimum and the top floor is screwed down to subfloor with 6" spaces Joint are even tighter together wi

Why are tile floors colder than wood floors?

Tiles feel colder because they are better conductors of heat. Unless it's a blazing hot day, the floor probably is colder than your body temperature, and when you walk on it

How-to tile directly onto wood flooring?

Typically you dont want to tile directly over wood. The reason is that wood will shrink and grow depending on moister, and you will end up cracking your tile. Your best option

Can you put wood flooring in a bathroom?

It is highly unwise. If only a few times or even just once your sink over flows, the toilet sweats, or water splashes getting out of the have a high likelihood of ca

Is it good to put wood floors on top of tile?

You can put the newer style floating wood floors onto a floor with tile. Also, if it is old VCT tile, there are glues that will allow you to use their product to glue the wood

Plywood or particle board for tile floors?

Plywood is the best choice between these two. Particle board can swell if water gets to it. You would be better off if you use a tile backer board. Concrete based or a fiber t
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Can wood flooring be put over old wood flooring?

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Can you put wood flooring over ceramic tiles?

Yes, and it's important that the tile floor beneath is level andthe tile is secure and in good condition. You may want to putsome sound control material under the flooring so
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Is wood ok to use as a sub floor when laying tile?

Wood is fine for your SUB-floor, but not as the substrate to which you intend to attach the tile. You still need to install a crack isolation membrane or tile backerboard on t