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Can penicillin treat a fever blister?

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Penicillin won't treat a fever blister.
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What can help fever blisters?

You can try things like applying ice, taking some IB profin. Applyig creams like Abreva or creams that contain Lysine that are made to help fever blisters and cold sores can a

How do you get rid of fever blisters on the lips?

A fever blister is a virus that must run its course. You can go to the doctor and get Acyclovir, but it must be started almost immediately. Once you get a blister, keep it moi

What is inside a fever blister?

It has a fluid substance that is contagious. When popped or if leaks try to dap it immediately or sores my spread to affected areas .

How do you get fever blisters?

Cold sores or fever blisters are caused by a virus that's spread by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, at the location where the virus is active, during a time when

How do you treat a blister?

It is traditional for a blister to be kept dry and covered with a dry bandage. It is also traditional not to pop the blister because it can get infected. Being the daughter of

Can you pop a fever blister?

Do not pop a fever blister; it can cause the virus to spread.

How to cure fever blister fast?

Break a tablet of vitamin E and bust it up. Apply to your fever blister or apply vitamin E lotion directly to your fever blister. Make sure to sterilize the affected area befo

Can a fever cause fever blisters?

A fever does not cause fever blisters, just like a cold doesn't cause cold sores (they are the same thing) but if infected with the Herpes Simplex I virus, a person's immune s

Can fever cause fever blisters on the tongue?

I get them all the time on the tip of my tongue, and my doctor gave me a prescription for a cream to put on them when I first feel them coming, and it really works. :( SAdly,

Can you get fever blisters from kissing?

Yes you can.Medically if you or the person that you are kissing has a sore or blister of any kind you or the other person can contract it.
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How do you get rid of a fever blister fast?

I have tried using tea tree oil and lavender oil; they are anti fungal/antibacterial sources and work well. Another is Petrocarbo salve from Watkins; this camouflages small bl

How do I Treat blisters?

Answer   Cover with a clean dry cloth and let them pop on their own do not pop yourself might get infected   Soak in a tub of warm water, add a bit of Epsom Salt.