Can people have black eyes?

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I am assuming you mean the color of a person's eyes. No, the pupils (the small dot in the middle of the eye) is black, and people can have a deep brown/black color, but not totally black. Heroes on NBC On a show on NBC by the name of Heroes, there is a girl whose eyes go completely black, crying black tears, and those who threaten her die, though her brother can stop her, changing her back to normal. One lady in the show said that she could even kill the devil himself, though that is not realistically possible, as this whole scenario is science fictional, as the show Heroes is science fictional.
This is a reference to the Hispanic/Latino story about a folktale called La Llorona, about a woman who always cries about her dead children that she drowned.
And no, it is not possible to have black eyes, but albinos do exist, and there are a lot of many different kinds of albinos.

^^ Whoever wrote this is stupid, i know for a fact you can have black eyes
I have black eyes so it is possible but I guess it must be rare ^^you can have very, very, VERY dark brown eyes.
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The inner black surface of eye is?

Answer . I believe you mean the "retina". It appears black when you look into your friend's eyes, but it really is red. It appears black because of the refraction of light. The eye is designed to take light in, not let it out. The retina is the lining in the back of the eye that contains the (MORE)

Do black people have blue eyes?

Yes, what that person said is rubbish, it depends on genes, if one parent was white with blue eyes and black with brown eyes, there is a possibility that if they had two children, both black one would have blue eyes, so yes, anyone can have any logical eye colour, black people can have any eye colou (MORE)

Why do people of Irish descent have blue eyes and black hair?

The original Irish came from what is now northern Spain after the last Ice Age. The Irish Y-DNA is very similar to that of the Basque people. The people of that region are usually dark-haired as many Irish are, light-skinned (when not tanned), and some have blue eyes as well as lighter shades of hai (MORE)

How do you make your eyes black?

Apply soot or lampblack to eyes everyday before going to bed. Remember there is a difference between eyeliner and soot. Soot is what which you apply with your fingers on your eyes while the eyeliner is applied on just eyelids.

How can you get a black eye?

You get a black eye by trauma in or around the eye. It is a bruise. Impact injuries to the head or face, particularly the nose, can cause some rather dramatic looking bruises.

How do you make black eye peas?

\nBlackeye peas are as easy as shelling (taking the peas out of their pods), and cooking. Wash them. Put them in a pot that won't boil over. Add enough water to make them float, season with salt, a little garlic and maybe if you aren't too health conscious a little bacon grease. Boil about 30 mi (MORE)

Does toothpaste get rid of a black eye?

no, to prevent swelling, immediatly upon receiving injury you should place ice on it. Once the eye has gotten black theres not much you could do except wait for it to heal, and perhaps apply some heavy duty oil based concealer to cover it up. Sun glasses are also a great solution!

How do you get rid of black eyes?

ok this may sound gross but its really works so first you get cucumbers and potatoes and get they're juice then you put cotton in it then keep it on your eyes and don't take it off until the morning or whenever you wakeup. and if you keep putting this mixture twice a day you black eyes will be gone (MORE)

What is black eye?

First, your eye will hurt and may instantly turn black around your eye, then a day or two later it will turn purple and/or green around your eye and will still be swollen. After a few days the swelling should go down.

Do people have eyes?

Yes the human has eyes to see with. If people areblind that doesn't mean they don't have eyes it just means they cant see out of one or both eyes..

How do you get a black eye?

Any blow in the area of the eye can cause the bruising and swelling associated with a black eye. It sometimes doesn't take much to break a number of the small blood vessels and create the nasty purple colored bruise.

Can you have black eyes?

Black eyes aren't really black, they are actually a very dark brown, so technically, it is impossible to have black eyes. . unless your talking about the the bruise yes people can have a black eye bruise

Can Chinese people only have brown or black eyes?

Although Chinese people predominantly have brown or black eyes dueto inherited genes it is possible for anyone from any race to haveany colour of eyes due to eye colour being determined by multiplegenes.

How come in anime they give there chrachter blue or any different color eyes and hair when Japanese people all have black hair and brown eyes why is this and anime is Chinese?

You have repeatedly stated your conviction that anime is Chinese. Welcome back if you want to ask questions instead of just keeping arguing your point. Sigh...Google anime and go to every freaking site and u will find that anime is JAPANESE! There R Chinese animation shows yes! but not all anime is (MORE)

How do black people get colored eyes?

get color contacts if you werent born with them. and usually; colored eyes are traits based on the parents. for example my eyes are dark brown because of my father. but my grandmother's eyes are blue because of her great-grandmother. its all in heredity.

Can your eyes be black?

Black eyes aren't really black, they are actually a very dark brown, so technically, it is impossible to have black eyes.

In True Blood what are the people with the black eyes called?

An earlier answer said "spies" but that is not true in the HBO TV series. The black eyes are supposedly caused by Maryann's "energy." . Maryann is a maenad dedicated to the service of Bacchus. That would make her followers bacchanates or bacchanlians, the words used for the worshipers of Bacchus b (MORE)

Can Black people have blue or green eyes?

Yes, it's very possible and happens a lot. I am African American and I have green eyes. So does my father. Both of my parents are African American as well. A very complex set of genes determines eye color. Blue eyes are more common to European people due to the lack of melanin, so this is very unl (MORE)

Can black people have natural blue eyes?

If it runs in their family, then yes. In simplistic terms: Blue eyes are a recessive gene(b), and Brown is the dominant color (B). Even if both parents have brown eyes, they might each also carry the recessive blue-eyed gene. If so, their four kids (statistically) would have the following: . (MORE)

How do you gets black eye?

You get a black eye if someone punches you in the eye then it will soon turn black If you are being an idiot, and you tick someone off, they WILL punch you in the face and if they hit you in the eye... You now have a black eye!!! ((::

Why do meerkats have black around there eyes?

It allows them to see further in the hot and sunny distance of the Savannah. The darkness causes there to be less glare. It's one of their adaptations to the environment in which they live.

What is the black spot in center of eye?

It is well known as the pupil - a dark circular opening in the center of the iris of the eye, varying in size to regulate the amount of light reaching the retina, so that you can have a visual at the things you look at.

Can someone have black eyes?

Yes it is possible to have black eyes. In the times where Britain was almost covered in trees and forest, clans considered it to be a sign that you were a mage, a person that has connections with the forest and can predict the future.

What helps a black eye?

An ice pack or a cold steak both reduce swelling but you need to apply it soon after the injury.

Why are cheetah's eyes black?

First Cheetahs eyes aren't black they are brown. Now if you are talking about it's tear marks then they are black. The tear marks help keep the sun's glare out of the cheetah's eye's.

What can you do for a black eye?

A black eye is just bruising around the eye. All you can really do is apply a cold pack to your eye to keep it from swelling too much. The bruising should go away after a few days to a week.

Why is shiner slang for a black eye?

This is of Irish origin. It originally meant a black eye given by the boot of an English officer to an Irishman who didn't keep the equipment shiny enough.

Were do the black eye peas live?

i don't now but if you see them on a commercial and there out side look if that outside is familiar like if is New York or somthing maybe take my advice.

Why do people eyes turn black?

If you are asking about the skin around the eyes, this is due to a bruise forming. The bruising can be anything from trauma (which is usually blamed) to blood disorders to simple exhaustion. If you are asking why some people's irises appear to turn black, this is an optical illusion caused by chang (MORE)

Are cheetah eyes black?

Most cheetahs have amber or light brown eyes although most baby cheetahs do have black eyes.

How do you make a black eye worse?

The black eye can get worse if wrong healing cream is applied on it, or if it is hit/banged/punched/kicked(/any other things that cause black eyes) again. Or twice more. Or repeatedly. Always happy to answer, ~Lisa